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  1. Learn to take a bath right!

Learn to take a bath right!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Learn how to take a bath right!

Worry – not aegis

Succumb to – not opalis

off the shelf not to fall.

People, not to the art of bathing sceptical question: do you know how to use the bath? And did not hesitate to answer: “what is difficult?” At the beginning to warm up, then washed away under the shower and ready! However, this answer is fundamentally wrong.

There are a set of rules about how to take a bath.

the staff of the company “Pinocchio and" encourages you to review the following rules that will help you to take the total steam procedure.


  • the
  • is Not abundant to eat before visiting the steam room. But it is not necessary to go and on an empty stomach. It is best to eat vegetables, fruit or porridge.
  • the
  • Bathe in the morning, preferably, after 9-10 hours. This is due to the fact that the bath gives a certain load on the heart, and then sleep, your body rested and full of energy. Steam is a kind of exercise that can really replace a physical load.
  • the
  • do Not try to climb immediately to the top shelf. To heat need to accustom yourself gradually, and to be where you are comfortable.
  • the
  • If you froze, going to the bath, before entering the steam room put your feet in a basin of warm water, then gradually add more hot water. So 10 – 15 minutes. Once you feel heat in the body, can enter the steam room.
  • the
  • Before entering the steam room should be lightly washed, but in any case not soak your head, otherwise you can cause it to overheat. After that, wipe your face dry with a towel – moisture prevents sweating and go.
  • the
  • be Sure to grab a special bath hat, protect it from overheating, and a wool mitten or a special scraper drop of sweat. Relieving sweat woolen mitten, at the same time you clean the skin from dead layer. By the way, the cap preferably moisten with cold water.
  • the
  • don't forget to grab a broom, and preferably two. Brooms choose a shorter, fluffier and easier.
  • the
  • In the first visit, first warm up without a broom for a few minutes. Then drink hot tea to improve warm up “inside”.
  • the
  • Podavaite only with boiling water; try to give away small portions and only in the hottest place of the stove (water in this place will be like “clap” or “explode”) from this steam will dry, and because “easy” or “soft”.
  • the
  • During rest after the steam room, avoid drafts.
  • the
  • You decide how much time you will continue your treatments, but we should not abuse the steam room. Remember that the best principle for baths – gradualism and moderation.
  • the
  • If You are physically ready and decided to take a dip in the snow or dip in a tub of ice water. You've come to the baths and had already gone a couple razka in a steam room. Now you can try — first, hard warm up in the steam room, then a bullet in the snow (the water) and again by a bullet to the steam room, take a good properties with brooms.

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