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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Many bath like the opportunity to improve their health, company Pinocchio  gives little guidance on how to go to the bath:
            How to take a bath to feel not only clean, but also healthy? For this bath we recommend the following tweaks: 
           - in order to melt the bath, better suited to hazel. It lights up easily, exuding a strong heat and a pleasant aroma. 
            - Try to grate shelves in a bath of linseed oil. This oil will give the bath shelves excellent smell and color. When linseed oil is heated, it forms on the wood surface film, which is breathable, while the shelves are then well washed. 
            - Hot water should not pour on the rocks and for them. The resulting steam passes over hot rocks and more hot. As a result, he is more hot and dry. 
            - Steep the zaparniki eucalyptus, spearmint, thyme. Then make the blending of these herbs with hot water. In the company of PINOCCHIO, there are special sets for bathroom emergencies.
             - it is a Good idea to take a bath in honey and salt. Mix these ingredients and nitrites this squad (after the first visit and a short break after the exit). And then you go back to the steam room. For a pleasant fragrance of the body you can use the oil of sandalwood. Need just a few drops of this oil and not have to be rubbed with soap. 
             - If you have a dry cough, breathe through a birch broom steamed fir twigs. It gives a relieving effect.
            -  For the bath is important to choose the stones because there are so many options and each of them has its own favorable properties for the human body.
           - From overheating use special hats that will save you from excessive exposure to temperature and You will not get a headache and a delight.
company Pinocchio.

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