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  1. Treat yourself to the steam room at the international bath day!

Treat yourself to the steam room at the international bath day!

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One of the most common and perhaps the pleasant places for their leisure time is bath. Even our ancestors claimed that the pair – it is a true miracle, giving a person courage, beauty, strength, freshness, youth and purity.
Steam for decades praised by the people, representing not just a room for washing and a sacred place to which our ancestors treated with respect, spending various rituals.
In our days some people still follow the tradition upon any ceremonies, others just having a good time with friends in the bath, purifying and recovering.
Traditional bath day was always considered Saturday. Why it is difficult to answer unequivocally, some argue that this is due to the Christian teachings, where people are brought to the Sunday service must be pure and thoughts and body. Others give a simpler answer, claiming that after a long work week definitely need to bathe and relax.
By the way, not many know that in addition to the weekly bath-day, there is also international bath day.

so international bath day is celebrated annually on 11 October. In this day bath enjoys a special reverence, when we can gather in a narrow circle and congratulate all beginners and experienced bath attendants, bathers, massage therapists, herbalists and people who built this great miracle the bath with this professional holiday.
Also on this day a variety of events and festivals in various cities where people are going to exude a body, your health, Yes their ancestors to remember who brought into our culture a great treasure bath!
Now you know when is celebrated on this wonderful day that you can even equate to the health day, and since we are talking about our ancestors, let us remember whence takes its origins steam? Then someone will ask, and you don't know!?
History of bath began many centuries ago, and to be precise about 6 thousand years before Christ. The baths were considered progenitors of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Indians. For them, the bath was not only a way to cleanse the body, it was a kind of club where you can gather with friends, exercise, and, of course, to heal.
Even the word "bath" carries a deeper meaning, because  Greek it is interpreted as banishing pain and sadness.
In Russia baths appeared somewhat later, about 5 – 6 ages. In Russia, the Sabbath was considered to be bath day, as already mentioned above, which soared all the family, and in public paired women and men soared in different institutions. The steam room was visited by everyone, from the poorest to the wealthy people, but to build it was only possible with a large plot of land to the distance from home to the bath was sufficient. Such were the rules! By the way almost no one like a bath passed without special rituals or ceremonies.

the History we remembered, now let us discuss how to bathe in a bath, to extract only the benefits for themselves and no harm!
So, there are certain rules of bathing in the bath that you need to know necessarily, as an avid attendant, and newcomers in a business.
At the time of visiting the baths the rules of bathing in the bath do not apply, since it is your own business and use the steam room, you can both in the morning and evening.
Remember, before visiting the baths should not drink alcohol, but can eat, just don't overload the stomach. While taking a shower before steam room it is not necessary to wet hair, and use soap and other beauty products. Be sure to remove jewelry, watches, contact lenses, glasses and other similar items.
And finally, the highlight of any steam – broom, so to give it due attention. Before you start the hover broom, soak it in warm water for 25 minutes and then steam in the steam room for another 2 – 3 minutes. If the broom is dry, put a fan on the bench and drench with boiling water, then cover with bowl for 15 minutes. The most common brooms – oak or birch, or even combined. To start the steaming with a broom follows with the second call.
Ideally, the person should float with two switches, pumping hot air on a recumbent, alternating quilting with light strokes.

Typically, the steam lasts about 2 hours but the time spent in the bath should be broken, not solid. That is, people have to go to the steam room from 3 to 5 times with breaks, otherwise it can harm your health. You should always start with the bottom shelf, sitting on his stomach on the bench, and feet to the stove. For the best heat, don't forget to spray the stones with water!
Every visit to the bathhouse, you need to alternate with the cool pool or even a shower. But be careful, carefully listening to your body, you should not dive in front of an avid attendant at the local pool or the snow.
After the end of the bathing cycle, wash, relax and allow body to dry, preferably without a towel. And don't forget about herbal tea! These very simple premilaperera in the bath, to observe that need goes!
Regarding health, we all know that bath – it is a great remedy for many diseases where you body cleanse, restore strength and mind clear. However, you should be careful and know exactly in which cases a steam room will benefit, and which should be avoided.
Bath – best find for girls, because vapor refreshes the skin, depriving it of old cells, by stimulating the sweat and sebaceous glands. Also treatments has a beneficial effect on respiratory and cardio-vascular system, improve metabolism, digestion, and enhance immunity.
The pair is contraindicated in those who have exacerbation of chronic disease as well as ulcers, tumors, a history of strokes or heart attacks, vascular sclerosis, epilepsy, tuberculosis.
Well dear friends don't miss the international bath day, and all that remains is to wish you a great stay in the bath, with all the previously listed tips.
Let the couples be easy, and the mood is excellent! See you in the bath!




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