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We replaced nature!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 700 Tenge
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Remember the famous phrase of the cat Matroskin Soviet cartoon “TM” that the TV we replaced nature? In our era of rapid development of new technologies, this phrase would sound something like – “we nature replaced!”
We spend behind the screen of your laptop or smartphone the lion's share of his time, only one immersed in the workflow, other films on the computer watching. It is certainly cool, and the Internet, coupled with latest technology something unique and very necessary, but we must not forget that we are people, not robots!
Our team is active, athletic and ambitious employees “Pinocchio and" encourages you to think about a healthy way of life, and leaving the town to go to the mountains, as did WE.
Early Sunday morning, collected simple backpack, we went on a Cycling trip in the direction of Kok Zhailau. If the bike is not your vehicle, and you pehom walk!
The point is not that, but the fact that you get a bright drive and positive emotions!
That day we decided not only to get some air, pump up the legs and to strengthen the corporate spirit, but also to benefit the nature by removing trash.
Sports, the use and positive in one bottle! Attached to a healthy way of life, which is unthinkable without proper nutrition, exercise, hardening, walking, and, of course, the bathhouse!
In return you will receive beautiful athletic body, good spirits and good mood!
Captured these beautiful moments in photos that you can see below. Look! Get inspired! Motivate!




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