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  1. The sonorous word "shed" or how not to bother where to place workers?

The sonorous word "shed" or how not to bother where to place workers?

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Every day people things that can provide them comfort in a given situation! One such device is the shed, which is a transportable prefabricated mobile house compact parameters, which can be considered as temporary or permanent housing for a variety of purposes.

This device is mobile, establish its difficulties do not make, and if necessary it can be dismantled and moved to another place at the request of the owner. They are usually delivered by means of motor vehicles, and the dimensions are small, about three meters wide and twelve meters in length.

Visually, the shed looks like a small wagon, which is based on block-container, which can later be equipped with as man pleases! So often in everyday slang they sound like a wagon shed.

After hearing about the cabins for the first time or doing monitoring about it, people do not immediately understand how it is beneficial and functional product.

Manufacturing of change houses so popular in Almaty, Taraz, Pavlodar, Astana and other cities of Kazakhstan only because of this unique structure you can use whatever you like!

Cabins can satisfy almost any human need and function they are capable of both permanently and on a temporary basis.

They can serve in the role of housing for all seasons, garden, warehouse for storage of things, and outbuildings. Also, if you are in urgent need of operation of canteens, kindergartens, cafes, shopping pavilions, summer kitchen, offices, showers and even saunas and steam rooms.
Purpose for their use can be very different, but the most common feature cabins – housing for construction crews. In this situation, purchase the shed strive as individuals, and entrepreneurs or owners of major facilities involved in construction.

In this situation all the benefits of the cabins is obvious:

The care of the staff. The availability of comfortable cabins in the territory of your home or facility will make it clear to your staff that you provide them with the best conditions, motivating them to these high standards.

The ability to accommodate a larger number of employees. It is applicable to complex construction projects. For example: the construction of complex buildings or the laying of pipelines.

Accessibility and efficiency. The device is not capricious in storage, assembled and disassembled quite simply, and to operate and transport. Its price is acceptable, and given how many problems will help you decide this purchase, pricing and to not think!

Repair is not complicated. The failure of one of the parts of the Assembly will not bother you because all the details of the construction of cabins are easy to repair and it continues to function.

Rent. Wagon – the shed will easily be repaid, because it can be rent out and get income from it.

If the above information interested you, and you have decided to buy a shed in Almaty, you should learn more to know what types of huts exist on the market.

The metal cabins. They are based on a rigid frame made of metal with a cladding of galvanized steel, profiled sheet and other materials. The design is going in place, trash is removed and it is ready for consumption. Such devices may be up to three storeys in height. A great option for residence builders, as well as for warehouses, offices and summer refectories.

Wooden cabins can be attributed to the economical option because their prices are very reasonable. Inside the building trim hardboard and externally lining. In the end, you get a ecofriendly design with good insulating abilities.
Great for saunas and baths, because of the capacity to exist at different temperatures.

Front cabins (construction). Provision of benches and heaters. A chic option for settlement workers and for their own purposes.

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