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  1. A wave of adrenaline inside or motocross – a sport for the brave people!

A wave of adrenaline inside or motocross – a sport for the brave people!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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The word "motocross" heard almost every! And everyone will for sure tell you that motocross-this is cool this race, from which the most extreme guys and girls get an unforgettable thrill!

All this is true, of course, but you should know that motocross – is not just a glamorous show for the excited crowd, and serious sport, which originated in the last century.

Let's start with the fact that the first motorcycle was created by Gottlieb Daimler in Germany in the distant 1885. Of course, he was still far from its modern counterpart, but further improvements in motor vehicles and human passion to the rivalry engendered a sport like motocross!

The first world motocross race was held in 1924 in Kimberley, and since then the competition among motorcyclists throughout the world, and our country is no exception.

 In Kazakhstan is not the first year are different competitions among motorcyclists, the most popular of which was “the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan Motocross”.

2017 is no exception, and our company “Pinocchio and" once again proved that it has the most bright, ambitious and enthusiastic staff.

Our colleague and our pride at the same time Dmitry Barnukovskiy is the repeated winner of competitions in Motocross in different years and in this time has not remained aside and took part in “the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan Motocross”, where in the team standings, received the second prize! And this is probably just the beginning, as the competition continues, and we expect Dmitry new victories!
Looking at it, it's safe to say that motocross-this is a sport for the more active, bold, courageous and fearless people in the blood which do the adrenaline flowing!

Those who have ever tried it in sport, will not be able to stop, says Dmitry, it's not just a competition, but a way of life in which speed and drive to help uncover you, as an athlete and a person, and overcoming obstacles, you're sure to be the winner, receiving from this unspeakable pleasure!

And so it is, after all, to imagine a more exciting, extreme and entertaining sport difficult. A group of people accelerates on motocross bikes, fill the audience with incredible emotions. The route with various obstacles, tight turns, the roar of motorcycles, virtuoso jumps, stylish outfit participants create in the air an atmosphere of adrenaline, risk and drive.
Add that ‘championship of RK on motocross” takes place in three cities of Kazakhstan, where the first and second stages of the competition were held in Almaty and Aktobe, and a third is expected in the coming Sunday 14 may in Auliekol!

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