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  1. Shower partitions glass: ergonomic, stylish, high quality.

Shower partitions glass: ergonomic, stylish, high quality.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Our house which we associate with a place of total relaxation, comfort, tranquility and privacy. So most people tend to purchase a decent apartment or house and to elevate them from the inside.

Each room in our home has a so-called work zone. For example: in room guests, in the kitchen preparing food for our family and the bedroom is a place to relax after various activities of daily living.

Another important room in any apartment or cottage is the bathroom. It's my sacred area where we are not just looking out for his hygiene, but also relax body and soul, completely giving himself up.

So it should be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable and functional. Everything must be calculated to the last detail: the materials and color shades in the interior.

But what if its area is not large, and you want to create several areas for washing, morning toilet or taking a shower.
Best solution – glass partitions for bathroom, which not only will bring a touch of elegance to the structure, but will become a brilliant alternative to large shower cabins or baths.

Glass shower walls – this design, which will perfectly separate the shower area from the entire structure, visually increasing the room it will occupy a minimum of space, and will protect people from the splashing during the bathing activities. In one word, you turn your simple bath into a luxurious home SPA. In other words this is a brilliant opportunity to protect the tub or shower stall from the whole structure or to allocate functional areas at their discretion.

Glass shower partition: characteristics and varieties.

Glass – a very popular material in the modern market of Kazakhstan for creating shower walls! Glass shower doors are significantly superior to their counterparts made of plastic, because of their sophistication and appeal give the room the illusion of gloss, lightness and perfect purity, and their performance is virtually flawless. Specialty stores Almaty offer different options of shower doors made of glass, where it can be opaque, transparent, with patterns or even vintage. The price is quite reasonable, therefore, to buy them for most people is not a problem.

Glass itself is a material not only looks spectacular, but still absolutely safe and environmentally friendly, glass doors for showers are created from specialized tempered glass, is subject to special heat treatment. Similar glass to break is almost impossible, because its thickness is about 10 mm, and it is stronger than the usual 7 times.

By type partitions for shower glass are divided into swinging and sliding.

Selection of either option depends on the personal preference of the buyer, the quadrature structure (space available) and the design of the room.
Variation of the sliding type is ideal if your tubs are small parameters, and the doors open it is almost impossible.
But swinging doors are more comfortable because they are easy to open and do not cause friction.

Shower cubicles: benefits.

Unmatched aesthetics. These devices look so light, fragile and weightless that creates the effect of spaciousness and lightness that not only increases space, but also changes its geometry.

Easy to repair. The shower walls are made up of distinct elements, where if one will come in the not fit, then replace it not working by dismantling the entire device.

The possibility of different ideas. Glass can create any design, highlighting the interior.

Hygiene. Mould or fungi glassware not overcome, and if any – that education, and will then eliminate them with a special antiseptic, without any damage to the material.

Reliability and strength. Their production is used for shock proof and tempered glass, and the panels of glass cover another and a specialized coating, which protects them from shattering, if it will spread. So the shower walls very sturdy, slim and safe.

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