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  1. Essential oils for steam bath: relaxation and recreation in one.

Essential oils for steam bath: relaxation and recreation in one.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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The word "aromatherapy" has long been firmly lodged in human minds, and people are happy to carry it out for relaxation and regeneration of your body!
The use of mixtures of the ether has affected different aspects of human existence! They are tailored for aromaterapia air in homes without them almost none of the cream, in cosmetics, in perfumery they are used to perfume and other products, and they cause a significant stir among fans of saunas and Russian steam rooms!
They are so popular in doubles, because their use is coupled with the thermal effect of the pair of sessions make the steam bath more effective and useful for human health.
Referring to history, we note that a mixture of aromatic became famous about 6,000 years ago when the merchants of Babylon have supplied unusual incense to international markets.
Later, the Romans became famous for his contributions to the re-establishment of essential infusions, because they have made a classification of essential extracts in cosmetics, used to this day! But the most valuable recipe has been lost, and only after a while, the famous physician Avicenna built his method to the use of oils (gidroizolyaciya), on which they released today!
In Russia, they stayed in the Royal pharmacy, but their recipes were not disclosed!
Essential oils for baths essence and methods of application!
Essential oil – is concentrated extracts from plants, which possess a range of positive qualities.
To praise them endlessly, saying that they cure colds and soothe the nerves, and wounds will heal, and so the immune system will raise that to the doctors do not need to go!
However, most people have in mind the question arises: what essential oils in the steam room to use the most appropriate?
The most popular essential infusions are of the plant type coniferous: pine, fir, eucalyptus or fir, clearing not only humans, but also the air in the steam. To cooling compounds include tincture of mint, lemon balm and citrus fruits. However, choosing essential oils for a bath, stay on top of their naturalness, because this product can bring your body a favor. And don't forget to consult with your doctor, because some oils may cause allergies.
There are some rules that you must follow in using essential oil in the bath.
To dissolve oil in the water you need and pour it in a compact, heat-resistant vessels with an extended neck and bottom. You can also add a few drops of oil to Himalayan salt and dissolve it in water. The evaporators are placed two feet from the hot springs and the feet from the floor. Absolutely impossible to pour oil on hot stones or other heating devices because a fire could occur, and the therapeutic effect will not be!
You should know that on litre of water, you can add five to ten drops of one oil, and if oil is new for you and not tested, that would be enough and a couple of drops. Also, remember that the residence time in the steam room with essential oils is expected to increase gradually! The first call to the steam room let will be about seven minutes, and subsequently time can be increased, but carried out in a bath with oils for more than 20 minutes not worth it! In General, such procedure is carried out a maximum of twice a week, and the oil is stored in cool and dry places.
All essential oils for baths have some benefit and value.
For example, pine essential oil is excellent helps with muscle aches, cough and bronchitis! And eucalyptus is excellent for clearing breathing, relieving colds, if its a few drops diluted in a liter of water.
Essential oil cedar has a brilliant effect for air disinfection and elimination of bacteria in the room. Also with this task copes tinctures of oregano, chamomile or juniper. Orange and juniper oil helps the skin become more supple and elastic, and even eliminate the problem of peeling.
If the skin is problematic, then the ideal option would be eucalyptus. In order to eliminate the cellulite skin, renewing it and restoring the balance of carbohydrates and fats perfect oils of patchouli, orange, lemon and rosemary!
Hair serene is the effect of tea tree oil, patchouli, rosemary, sandalwood and eucalyptus, making them stronger and accelerating their growth. Dandruff is not so bad for Melissa and tea tree.
It's often easier to buy a set of essential oils for bath where there is a means for strengthening the hair or skin, and combat cellulite.
Today on the Kazakhstan market are different varieties of essential oils at bargain prices in specialty stores or pharmacies. In almost any city in the country, whether Almaty, Karaganda or Shymkent you can buy as individual oils, or entire sets for different occasions! Their average cost is from 500 to 2000 tenge!

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