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  1. Shelves of Abasha – your right choice for a sauna.

Shelves of Abasha – your right choice for a sauna.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Relevance of classical Russian bathhouse will never disappear, so imagine without it, country life is almost impossible.

One engaged in construction of steam alone, some for these purposes prefer to hire specialists. At first glance, the bath seems to be quite simple and not intricate structure, but it is not. During its planning and construction need to take into account many important points.

Thinking through the key stages of the construction of the future resorts of the body and soul need to purchase all necessary materials, and then move on to laying the Foundation, construction of roof, flooring, water supply, electricity and so on.

But special attention should be paid to the inner wall of the steam room: to correctly consider the design of the stove door and, of course, bath shelves.
Your choice on regiments, you should consider very carefully, because depends on their comfortable stay of man in the steam room.

Bath shelf: what it is and what they build? 

Shelves for bath – a wide loungers in the steam room, created to ensure that people are comfortable to bathe.
Wondering how many regiments in the steam room, it is important to realize that everything depends on its area. For example: if the height of the steam room at least 2.2 m., two levels will suffice. If the ceiling is higher and you can think about the third level. The total distance between levels of shops – 40 – 50 cm, and the distance from the top level shelf to ceiling is about 120 cm.

Regarding the width of the regiments, the width of the top of the bench should be about 60-65 cm, and the width of the lower benches intended for seats varies from 40 to 50 cm

Be sure all bath shelf is made from wood, the use of synthetic materials in this case is strictly prohibited.
The most popular material for the benches is wood abachi.

Abash – it is a tree that grows in the African tropics, which can reach 40 meters in height and two meters in diameter.
First of Abachi, used in the construction of the sauna in Finland, and even by accident. The Finns delivered some materials in boxes from Africa that was made of Abishevich boards. Once one of these boxes lay in the steam room for some time, and the tree from which it was made, not heated and was very impressed with the Finns, and later they began to use abachi specifically for the construction of saunas.
Now you understand why experts advise to install in the steam room it the shelves abashi, because this wood is almost not heated, so the risk of burns, also!

Shelves of Abasha: the benefits.

Environmental friendliness and aesthetics. Visually, this wood looks very impressive because of its color varies from cream to light-yellow. So imagine how chic interior in the steam room get. There is another option – thermo abachi, it is more dark in colour and it is also used in the baths.

Low heat conductivity. We have mentioned that the tree is practically does not heat up and burn to impossible. Furthermore, abachi capable to make bodily temperature, so sitting on the shelves of abash you feel very comfortable. When the temperature in the steam room more than 100, at the intersection of wood and air, the latter recreates the air temperature but because of its porous structure, heat is not accumulated, and is the body to come into contact with abashi, he quickly takes the temperature.

The absence of knots and resinous secretions. Externally, the wood is very smooth and soft.

The resistance to moisture. Abash perfectly tolerate excessive moisture and increased temperatures.

Excellent sound-proofing properties.

Durability. Experts say that the old shelves made of abachi can get a new bath, so they are strong and durable.

The ease of Assembly and simple bonding ability.

The only disadvantage of timber from abachi – is the price. This wood is not cheap, but considering its benefits, it is not necessary to dwell.

Buy wood Abachi in Kazakhstan in specialized markets selling goods for doubles.

The average cost of a regiment of abachi in Almaty and other cities about 2500 tenge.

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