The salt lamp is a creative invention for the recovery of the body and Transfiguration of the interior. - Articles |
  1. The salt lamp is a creative invention for the recovery of the body and Transfiguration of the interior.

The salt lamp is a creative invention for the recovery of the body and Transfiguration of the interior.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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To the question have you heard about a non-standard device like the salt lamp, almost everyone will answer in the affirmative!

Today salt lamps are so well embedded in the everyday life of contemporary people that they can be found almost everywhere. In Kazakhstan, people are buying them for personal use and for the purpose of earning money. They are used in various beauty salons, massage, spas, and just in the homes of ordinary people. The average price of such devices in Almaty and several other cities in the Republic varies from 5000 tenge, and you can buy them in any specialized shop.

In manufacturing such lamps contain so-called salt from the stone “good”, produced at the foot of the Himalayan ranges. She is still referred to as Himalayan pink salt, get your bold hue due to the presence in its composition of iron. In General, the composition of this salt consists of about 80 healthy trace elements and minerals.

In addition to the pinkish hues of the crystal  in nature there are other colors, depending on impurities formed in the process of occurrence of the mineral. It can be red, white, yellow and orange shades.

Creating salt lamps masters, try to preserve the original appearance of the crystal, only slightly exposing his treatment, that is undermining. The illumination is realized by incandescent light bulbs power from 15 to 25 watts, which generates a not bright glow, and shedding of negative ions through the bulb clean the air, improving its atmosphere.

 Salt lamp: how it works and what its benefits!

In our modern age, a technological breakthrough humanity has gone so far that people have been able to surround himself with a huge amount of useful stuff and simplifies life. Gadgets, laptops, smartphones, radios, electric kettles, microwave ovens, TVs, heaters and much more, without which the existence in the 21st century is simply unthinkable. They create the concentration in the air of positive ions, causing suffering mental and emotional state.

Salt lamp emit negative ions, which are useful for their chemical qualities, and are associated with positively charged ions, clearing the air and normalize microclimate in buildings. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of lattice of crystalline salt will eliminate harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation generated by operation of industrial and domestic devices.

Radiological surveys of rock salt found that it is related to rock crystal exudes a positive wave (energy).
Lamp from Himalayan salt benevolently affects human health: it strengthens the immune processes in the body, and harmonizes the mental state, improve mood, and helps in the treatment of diseases such as Allergy, rheumatism, infection, psoriasis. It is also beneficial for heart, digestive diseases, and thyroid dysfunction.

The salt lamp gives the room a soft and gentle ionization, therefore, in contrast to the stronger artificial ionizers, it is constantly possible to keep it turned on.

 How to choose a salt lamp?

Special difficulties in the selection of lamps from Himalayan salt no, but depending on salt shade you can choose more dim or Vice versa a bright light bulb. However, there are some nuances worth knowing:

Pay attention to the weight and size. If your intention is to put the lamp on the nightstand next to the bed in a small room, the lamp 3 kg is more than enough.

For the space of 35 sq. m. will need a light bulb salt 5 to 7 kg. For more oversized buildings, and lamps to choose more massive.

Note that the true salt of the Himalayas is not possible perfectly flat color. Including lamps in the network, the lights should be visible mineral layers, as well as they were inherent in nature. It the bulb is not flat coloring are genuine.

Be sure to check that the lamp is properly functioning. In the stand of trees should be easy to fit the cartridge, and the lamp screwed into it and is burning. Lamp must be installed straight and vertical.

Regarding the interior, you can choose the already used lamp: bowls, drops, bowls, vases, mushrooms, pyramids and other.

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