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  1. Furniture for the bath – a unique interior, creating a special mood in the steam room.

Furniture for the bath – a unique interior, creating a special mood in the steam room.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Needless to say that the bathhouse – one of the most popular places for relaxation, both worldwide and in Kazakhstan. On the territory of our country, in every city, there are more than a dozen commercial steam rooms and private baths. Almost every second resident of Almaty, Karaganda, Astana or any other city seeks to acquire a private steam room where you can enjoy a nice Park in the company of family or friends.

If the decision of building his own steam already firmly settled in your head, be sure to mention not only its outer veneer, but the interior.

Furniture for baths and saunas – something without which it is impossible to imagine a steam room. These attributes create it comfort, individuality and exclusive appeal. However bath furniture should be not only aesthetic but also practical, because it will be operated under special temperature conditions.

Buy it today easier than ever, because it's more presents in markets bathroom furniture in a large range, where only the choice is yours. Its price, of course, depends on your wallet and individual features of the product, but it is not worth saving, because this is a serious sale not for one day.

Given the raw material from which made furniture for baths and saunas, here are competitors in the wood can not be!
Wooden furniture for baths – the priority option because it is environmentally friendly, and exude when warming up of toxic substances, in contrast to metal or plastic.


Wood varieties are many, but not all of them can be used in the bath or sauna. To the requirements that must be met for the material for steam rooms include: high conductivity, good density, absence of knots, splits and resin pockets and for ease in handling.
Wooden furniture for baths are often made from deciduous tree species (Linden, oak, alder, ash, poplar, aspen). Coniferous species suitable for the changing room, rest room and washroom, where there are high temperatures. The exception is cedar, which is very impressive, and resins in it almost none.

An overview of the most popular types of wood for furniture making in pair room:

Lime. Linden wood is easy to work with, has a soft texture, does not crack and saves visual appeal for a very long time. Also lime is valued for its showy pinkish hue, and the amazing smell of essential oils, filling the room with amazing aroma. Furniture for bath of lime-the best option for steam.

Pine. This is an extremely attractive material with a smooth color, bold contrast stripes and a delightful pine scent. Pine is a very durable material, which practically does not rot, but it secretes a resin, so the furniture in the steam room of her produce is not worth it.

Larch. It has an attractive shade yellow, excellent strength and density. Larch resistant to various influences, including humidity and temperature, but may eventually start to crack.

Oak. a Striking texture, excellent strength, and good resistance to aggressive influences.

the Aspen. Aspen has sverkhplastichnost and easy to handle, but wear out pretty fast.

cedar. Has a luxurious texture, does not rot, smells good and beneficial for the human body.


In addition to the regiments, which is an essential item of bathroom interior, there are also other furniture.

In the dressing room – Shoe stand and coat hangers, a variety of benches and stools are installed in the washroom, and lounge is designed couches and chairs with a table, unless of course the dimensions of the room allow.

Bath table usually has a rectangular shape, where its parameters (length, width) are determined by the people who will make the bathing session. To save space there are options to flip and folding tables.

The most necessary furniture are benches and shops in the bath, because they are not only during washing but also put buckets and tubs, and sometimes they replace the twin shelves. They come in different configurations: they can be usual and with backs in the shape of a chair – deck chairs or sun loungers with headrests or without notice.

By the way the seats and backs of benches and countertops specialists recommend to do not solid, but with small zazorchiki for draining water to the wood will dry and serve.

Additional attributes of the design of the bathhouse can be attributed to a variety of veselack, the original signs with creative slogans, shelves and a foot stand.

Such furniture usually has small size, extraordinary design and high value.
Furnished our own steam, remember this is a place for pleasure and relaxation, and well-chosen bath furniture – the best way to realize their dreams of a perfect bathhouse in reality.

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