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  1. The bathhouse is impossible without a furnace, and good vapor without the stones in it!

The bathhouse is impossible without a furnace, and good vapor without the stones in it!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Building steam, people are primarily interested in wood stoves, accessories, bath furniture, and bath stones here almost ignored. And absolutely nothing, because they give easy, exciting and hot couples!

And the bathhouse is famous for, as everyone knows, it is a good steam! In other words, the correctly chosen stones give the pair the procedures for extraordinary comfort.


Some people think that the river stones for sauna is also quite tolerable option to not spend the extra money. However, this view is not correct, because this river does not have the right accessories for bathroom stones characteristics, and can cause serious injury. They are not as durable as bath stones, and can withstand temperature extremes and crack. Well, if in such a case, they will not hurt you, or worse, the slivers can fall into the eye. Besides, unlike the specialized stones, river stones when heated can release dangerous to human life substances.

Stones for baths and saunas should be homogeneous and dense, fine to accumulate heat and to be environmentally friendly and safe for health.

Therefore, fast heating and long heat transfer are basic requirements attendant to the stones.

Regarding the size of the stones, for different stoves suitable stones of a certain size. Example: to Drovyanoy are ideal large stones from 8 to 15 cm, and for electric heaters, on the contrary need pebbles less – 5 – 8 cm

Also, choosing the stones for sauna please note that the surface must be absolutely perfect, without inclusions of impurities. It speaks to their impeccable quality.

An avid attendant there are two types of stones: brushed and chipped. Rounded surface ground instances gives great air circulation, but they warm up slower stab.

And chipped stones – Pets bath attendants, because the heating surface from, so that they give more heat if water.


Buy the right stones for sauna in Kazakhstan today is not a problem, because almost every city has some specialized stores that offer an excellent selection of already processed and Packed stones. In Almaty, Shymkent, Astana and several other cities of the country the price varies from 2500 tenge and above.

There are several types of stones that are particularly suitable for baths and saunas.

Gabbro-diabase. This is one of the most popular stones for the steam room, which offers superior strength, uniformity and density. He has a small water absorption and frost resistance is shiny, so the temperature drops it moves easily. Has an attractive dark color. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the liver, kidney and urogenital system.

Your. It is environmentally friendly stone, is able to quickly warm up and give off heat slowly. He has an excellent ability to withstand cyclic: the warming-cooling. Harmful impurities has not, and has beneficial effects on the immune system, normalize metabolic processes and blood circulation.

Crimson quartzite. This brand natural stone, has a striking pinkish hue. It is able to withstand temperatures up to 2700 degrees! These stones perfectly eliminate muscle pain, helping with rheumatism.

White quartz. Is one of the best stones for baths, due to its resistance to higher temperatures. With a sharp decrease in temperature, it emits ozone, having a benevolent effect on the human body, and charging it with energy.
It also stabilizes the cardiac and respiratory systems.

Jade. Is a semi-precious stone with a rich green color. It is very durable and dense, and due to its good viscosity, it holds heat well, giving it to the surrounding air. It is a healing stone that promotes the improvement of the stomach, liver and esophagus. Also promotes the elimination of toxins from the body.

Several recommendations on the use of stones in the stove:

Filling stove, large stones are placed at the bottom and small on top. The best ratio of stones to the volume of the bath: one to fifty (1-50).
Temper the stones before using, warm the bottom to redness, and then pouring cool water on them. This will allow to be damaged by stones.

Every few months inspect the stones for cracks and chips, and complete copies wash and dry, then they will last you longer.

For their watering use hot water to stones lasts longer, and the steam was better.

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