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  1. Impregnation Krasula – give your home and bath is worthy of protection.

Impregnation Krasula – give your home and bath is worthy of protection.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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What is planning – or the construction must carefully consider each of its stages, because even minor details can have a negative impact on the final result.

Let's consider this building a bath. Most owners of country cottages or cottages to build steam in the garden.

And this is not surprising because steam – is always a popular choice for purifying the body and getting rid of many ailments. In the modern world, people devote to the construction of baths more attention, seeking to create a luxury steam room where you can relax will be great.
Modern bath is carefully designed interior, where every effort has first-class furniture and often not even connected various means where you can watch entertainment programs on TV or listen to music.

In any case, as it fashionable and original did not look your steam room, there are several requirements to care for her.

In the construction of such a facility for relaxation like a bath, it would be logical to choose the building material wood.

Exactly wood because of its naturalness will create the right mood in the room designed for lifting mood and improving health.

The performance characteristics of the wood significantly higher than those of stone, brick or plastic, but to preserve the quality of natural raw materials, it is necessary to handle it.

So in order to keep the structure of the wood from different harmful effects you need to use special impregnation for baths and saunas.
Figuratively speaking, the treatment for bath – a certain liquid composition, suitable for outdoor and hidden processing steam.

So, treatment for baths and saunas – universal defenders of your bath from a wide range of pests. Such compositions save shelves, cladding and external cladding materials from early aging and destroying of such factors as humidity and high temperatures.
Another dangerous factor for wood are bacteria that are causing its destruction and darkness.

Moisture, which is common for a steam room environment, contributes to the manifestation of various fungi, which adversely affects the shelves and the paneling of the room! You need it?! Of course not! Also in the treatment need and upside. For example: bugs, fire, and disease darkening of wood – a series of misfortunes that can be avoided! Fortunately in the Kazakhstan market there is a large choice of means for these cases, buy which is not difficult. In any specialty store Almaty funds are available for the bathhouse to choose from, the price of which is acceptable. This fire-resistant impregnation for a bath, and common tools for wood preservation and impregnation of regiments and much more.

With such a diverse selection of hard to determine, but there are unique formulations that combine multiple security properties, namely their application and is optimal.

Krasula for baths and saunas: why is it worthy of attention.

One of the most effective saving solutions for pairs in the market is a treatment for baths Krasula.

It is a unique blend vinirovna and save wood and materials on its basis, created for hidden and outdoor use.

5 reasons why this mixture needs to choose:

Protects wood from mold, rain, dirt, cracking, dilapidation, algae, blue stain and ultraviolet radiation. The composition has the qualities sberegayuschimi against fire and resistant to abrasion.

Creates color saturation and gloss. Has the ability to verovati wood under valuable breeds, without hiding its organic origin. Forms silk covering semi shade.

Creates “breathable” covering up. You can process the wood, the moisture content of which reaches 65 – 70 %. The film creates.
Can be used as a system protection for wood.

Absolutely safe for animals and people.

Only compound able to treat the damaged wood. It includes biocidal additives that prevent the re-manifestation of fungi, mold, and bugs.

Impregnation Krasula – perfect protection not only for saunas and steam buildings, but for the home.

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