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  1. Broom for a bath – an indispensable thing in the steam room for massage and Wellness.

Broom for a bath – an indispensable thing in the steam room for massage and Wellness.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Hardly on Earth you can meet the man who introduced the bath without a broom. These two concepts are absolutely inseparable, which is why since ancient times there were so many Proverbs and sayings about the fact that the broom in the steam room host.

Scathing, strong and fragrant broom is a key attribute of Russian bath.

In the days of our ancestors, the healers said that every broom for baths and saunas carries the healing properties, repeatedly reinforcing the improvement in the steam room.

The bath people visit to get to steam, because steam gives the body health and rejuvenation, cleansing the skin and eliminating all the toxins.

And the broom in tandem with a nice Park, a man gives a delightful health and strength of spirit.


Broom for a bath and saunas – it's kind of combined a bunch of twigs and herbs, combined with the aroma and healing effect on the body.
Bath attendants use it as excellent for massage and to create a special atmosphere in the steam room.

All bath brooms are constructed from natural fruits, but which ones are the top for bathhouse we now describe.
Oak broom for sauna – a boon for people with skin problems, implying her fat or a different rash.

In its structure there are essential oils that normalize the production of skin glands salevych why our skin changes, becoming cleaner and getting moisture.

Also oak brooms are famous for the fact that normalize the functioning of the circulatory and cardiac systems.  After a massage with a broom nerves of the human rest and sleep becomes stronger.

Birch broom for a bath is considered one of the best and most popular devices for massage. Its bark, leaves, juices and the kidneys have long gained fame among avid attendant, so this broom is so popular. It is an excellent remedy for people suffering from joint and muscle pain.

Bamboo broom for sauna is radically different from their usual counterparts.

Externally it consists of several quite solid and hard sticks, but it is very effective. But know that this massaging device need to be carried out delicately, no sudden hlestov and bumps.

It perfectly draws out the pain and used even after different complications.

Bamboo broom for sauna improves skin and fights cellulite. Helps with depression and stress.

Nettle broom for a bath-the perfect remedy for gout and rheumatism because steaming nettle distinguishes properties that help in the healing of these ailments.

Nettle should be collected when she is just out of bloom or blooms. Do not fear its burning, after drying all the uncomfortable things will disappear.
Broom of fir destroys all germs in the air and strengthens the immune system.

Regular steaming with the broom will make you forget about the cold for a long time. The fir also contains oils that activitywas with steam, penetrate the skin, exerting a healing effect.

To correctly store and dry bath brooms there are some secrets.

Of course, they need first to prepare. Of course, to buy brooms simple.

They can be purchased all over Kazakhstan. For example, through the Internet – stores or specialized markets. The average cost of brooms in Almaty and other cities of the Republic 1000 tenge and above.

However, if you want to prepare the brooms for a bath independently, as follows: early in the morning, cut the right branches, and make it better where the air is cleaner.

Prior to drying the venik, it is not necessary to wash it off the leaves. Branches can be partially exempt from the leaves, and the broom will dry in the shade.
Put the leaves for broom should bend down. So as not to overdry the brooms, store them where there is no sun, otherwise they can lose their healing powers.

To correctly steamed brooms for a bath you need to know the following rules:

It turns out water, which will rot and whisk, has a significant value. In warm fresh water soaked brooms and leave them to dry, but dry specimens in water kept to 25 minutes. Hot water is advisable to use only very dry twigs.

In order that the steam room was filled with herbal aroma, brooms in Vodice tired long before the pair of procedures (for 11 – 12 hours), after which he leaves wrapped in wet cloth.

In this case, the broom will last a long time and its properties will not disappear.

And what to do with a broom, just extracted from the fridge? Rinse it in cool water and hold over bath stones.

All the above methods of steaming brooms will keep their medicinal and tonic properties, and your steam bath will not only pleasant but also useful exercise.

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