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  1. Prepare the dish of your dreams with a new grill – station "Vulkan"!

Prepare the dish of your dreams with a new grill – station "Vulkan"!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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2 7 days
Setting a custom question: is it possible to meet someone on Earth who will refuse to rest, the answer is “no” or “virtually no” will follow immediately.

Under the “quality” rest here meant is not healthy sleep for recovery (although it is, of course, also important), and a certain pastime to receive pleasant emotions.

Of course, there are individuals who prefer solitary life and various entertainment and leisure alien to them, well, not so much so to dwell on them is not necessary.

Any person, even incredibly impressed with his work, will never refuse a good relaxation. Ways to relax mankind many: one buy yourself a ticket to a warm climate and travel, others provide themselves with a massage, a visit to the cinema or bowling, sauna, party in the cafe, but some do, and I love to go on nature.

Camping – one of the favorite sports all over the world. People go on picnics out of town, and happy owners of their own cottages, and all have parties at home.

Lately it has become fashionable to arrange the so-called "barbecue". This is a vivid word “arrived” to us from the West, the literal meaning of which you hardly anyone – to explain, but everyone knows that this is a great way to unwind in nature!

Barbecue – it's a great excuse to throw a party among friends and family or corporate event, where everyone can relax and sing campfire songs under a guitar, or play exciting games and of course enjoy a delicious kebab.

Eating outdoors – one of the sweetest entertainments in the world, where some equipped with a full kitchen, while others cost quite a bonfire and barbecue.

Today there is the perfect device for cooking outdoors, which not only looks presentable, but also greatly simplifies a person's life.

BBQ Grill– this is a specialized fixture that can cook a full meal over an open fire, including a barbecue with steaks.

The standard grill-barbecue includes the following elements: boards for cooking fish, frying pan made of cast iron, a poker, a spit, stands for pans, shashlyk module.

Manufacturers of modern devices took care of the functionality of their creations. For example, you can buy a baking pan for baking pizza or the double-grille – a barbecue for cooking vegetables or poultry.

There are several types of fuel, which can function grills & ndash; a barbecue. This coal, firewood, gas and electricity, sometimes fuel combined. Depending on where you plan to apply them and to choose the units: coal-wood burning grill-barbecue – is the best option for a picnic in the countryside, and the apartment is quite suitable electric device.

Production material they are made of ceramics and cast iron.

They also come in round or rectangular shape depending on the personal preferences of the buyer. For example: rectangle more for lovers of barbecue because the skewer is easier to place over the bowl.

There are great grill – a barbecue with a lid that you can use outdoors that will protect the cooking food from the sun or rain.

So, the main advantages of the grill-barbecue grills include the following:

Presentable appearance.

Convenience and versatility


Easy maintenance


In Kazakhstan, to purchase such a device can be in specialized shops, where the price depends on the number of accessories and the complexity of the design. In Almaty and several other cities in the Republic can be bought from the 200 000 and above.

In the Company “Pinocchio and" presents a unique grill  station "Vulkan", which combine bold design, advanced technology and versatility.

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