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  1. Shielding stoves – reliable protection for your steam room from the fire.

Shielding stoves – reliable protection for your steam room from the fire.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Bath – a place that can give a flurry of pleasant moments, where you can bathe and relax from the soul, and in pleasant company to talk to. Despite all the charm and blagovijesti pair construction, it is necessary to understand that the place is quite dangerous, because of its technical features.

Steam room – this place is built of wood, where inside the stove is always present to properly warm up and give people taking bath procedures. For what a bathhouse is.

However, the place is quite safe because of the high risk of ignition of the steam room. Therefore, in order to protect the steam room from the fire will need to install protective shields for stoves.

Often furnaces for baths set as close as possible to the walls in different corners of the room, due to which together with the stove heats the walls and nearby objects. And the walls in the steam room, as you know always wooden, so they can char or even worse catch fire!
In General, enough to tell the horrors furnaces for baths, you just need to address adequately the issue of security in the steam room.
Protective shields for stoves, fulfill the role of a barrier between the furnace heat and bath wall, because that wall is not directly heated from the stove, and from namelennogo air that is absolutely safe for them.


There are two types of protective screens for steam room



Protective metal screens for baths – one of the most popular ways of shielding stoves for baths, which use iron and steel sheets.

Such structures shall be installed on heating the perimeter to the distance to the furnace wall was not more than 15 inches.
If you initially purchased a metal stove, screens are located in the kit, otherwise referred to as protective covers.
Fire safety from such screens is increasing due to the fact that they are not bad reduce the temperature of exposed metal surfaces.
Protective metal screens for baths is very easy to install because they have legs that can be easily bolted on the floor.

Brick protective screens for baths are almost the outer skin of the oven, because they save the wall with the side view of the furnace construction.

It turns out that the stove enters the protective casing, which will warm up the bricks retaining heat longer in the bath.
Another convenient method when the stove uses screens from a brick – the wall between the combustible surface and the oven.
Brick shielding takes full perimeter of the oven where the doors leave the furnace at the bottom to pass air between the stove and the brickwork.

At the same time, the laying of bricks are not recommended for a distance of 15 cm for blowing, because only in this case you will get a good shielding.


the stove does not always need shielding, if we are talking about structures with their own covering. This is the stove of brick, where a furnace with heat protection. Here for screening of bricks, use a ceramic red material, or something similar.
This is done in order that they perfectly withstand temperature and moisture. Sometimes for this purpose, use the stones with low heat conductivity.

Regarding protective of bath screens of metal, they need care, as they periodically appear stains and plaque. They need to be treated with special products or clean with lemon juice.

If you do decide to buy a protective screen for the bath, in Kazakhstan there are shops, selling goods for saunas and steam rooms, where the choice of such a screen will help you. The average price for such devices out of metal in Almaty and other cities of 15 000 tenge and above.

Remember that the protective screens for bath furnace is not the only way to protect the steam room, there is also shielding of the walls.
If to speak briefly about this, for such protection, use the sheet of metal reflecting the light masonry of bricks, slabs of refractory, plaster and wall sandwich-panels of cardboard basalt.

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