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Scoops and scoops for bath: the purpose and material

Today, a rack with complimentary toiletries can be found in any supermarket Kazakhstan, engaged in the sale of products for the home. In any of the cities of the country: Almaty, Karaganda, Aktobe, Astana will have  specialty stores bath accessories, where everyone can buy everything you want at reasonable prices.
plugi sometimes thoughtlessly relates to accessories for steam cooperage and attributes, and absolutely nothing, because without them the quality of the bath treatment is simply impossible. For example, without buckets and buckets in the steam room can not do, is simply not to pour water, but hardly anyone wants some.
cerpaci and buckets-a significant element in the steam room, choose on the purpose and materials of manufacture. Scoops pour hot water from the boiler into buckets and basins. They usually have an elongated handle positioned vertically and they produced a volume of one liter. The bucket has the same characteristics, only it is used for a set of cool water from the barrel.
pawsey volume 0.5-1 liter is usually in the bath several. They have short handle and we need them for pouring. Containers, of a capacity of 2-3 liters with a long handle used for supplying steam.
pony can be made of metal, wood and plastic. Scoop for bath, as the ladle of metal is heated too much, so handle these supplies must necessarily be made of wood. The life of metal products is significant. Also the metal is well cleaned and does not absorb odors.
plastmassovyh bucket baths and bucket stuff, though cheap, but not profitable. Steam room steam and heat deform the plastic, and cleaning it is almost impossible.
plcsim of the best materials for the manufacture of scoops and ladles at all times was a tree. It is environmentally friendly, resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, and practically does not rot.
derevyanny bucket for the bath and ladle made from cedar, basswood and aspen.

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