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Oblivnye device for baths


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Oblivnye bucket for bath: reliable, affordable, functional.

After a hot bath you always want to cool off. You may not have a chance  after bathing to dive into the hole, the river or the pool.
otsutstvie such opportunities to date, not a problem, because you can just put oblivnye device for a bath and to enjoy the steam room procedures.
pornoe device for procedures with cold water is a bucket made of wood, equipped with hoops, with elements of tilt around the axis of the horizontally mounted above the center of gravity, and adapter brackets on the walls and ceiling. The presence of plastic float valve is designed for liquid supply on the machine.
prisposoblenie cold water flexible hoses attached to the water supply. At lower water levels, reveals the valve and when the level of the highest it is closed, blocking access to water completely.
Click the tipping bucket you need to pull a specially installed a chain or rope. Due to the fact that the second end of the chain is located on the edge of the top, he leans down from the tension force and water is poured on the person who is at the bottom. The volume of water is regulated at will.
oblivnye device for the bath are made of cedar, oak and larch wood. These varieties are considered best for making oblivnye bucket, because they bolee resistant to water and durable. Also for making oblivnye systems used alder, Linden and birch. The volume of the bucket varies from 10 to 30 liters.
oblivnye system the common people called buckets-waterfalls presented in a wide range of specialist shops. You can buy them in any Kazakh city at an affordable price. In Karaganda, Astana, Taraz, Almaty and the average cost is 15 000  tenge.


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