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Sheet 1000*1000

Sheet 1000*1000

Cost : 10 000 Tenge
  • The thickness of the metal: 0,5
  • Materials: нержавеющая сталь
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    Chimneys for baths: purpose and types.

    the Chimney for the stove to the bath – a crucial element in the design of the entire steam room. Its main duty is the conclusion of unburned gases to the outside, to prevent formation of soot on the walls of the room.
    democode for saunas and baths is designed to ensure that carbon monoxide does not get into the steam room. For this you need to adhere to the norms of fire safety and basic rules of construction.
    pcanal chimney is installed only for furnaces operating on solid fuel or gas, because the combustion process is collected, treated gas. If the sauna room has a heater, then it is not necessary.
    note chimneys for sauna stoves must have excellent traction and can withstand high temperature loads.
    sushestvuet several of their classifications. They differ in material workmanship and installation. In the first case, the chimneys are made of metal and brick. Regarding installation, the flue pipes are either inside the pair of the room (interior design), or appear outside (exterior design).
    NIN Kazakhstan, the most common of the internal structure of chimneys, which preserve the heat energy of the steam, keeping it indoors, without disturbing the General architectural image of the baths. The external elements are more typical for Americans actively using them on their ranch.
    eskolko words about the merits of different types of chimneys:
    demogod of metal are easy to install and do not require a large monetary cost. Their only drawback is that on the walls inside the pipe may be collected by the condensate.
    Kirpichny fireplace – a classic of the genre for the bathhouse. Their device is known for its properties of insulation and durability.
    PPO means of its location internal chimney is a classic option, where its main advantage is the additional heating pair of the room to reduce the heating steam to the required temperature.
    ustroystvo external chimney channel works so that it is connected with the stove, going directly through the wall to the outside. Its design is located on the street, that makes it easier to care for, and reduces the risk of fires.
    Segodnya presents enough variations of chimneys, which can be bought at reasonable prices.
    PNA construction markets of Almaty, Karaganda, Taraz, Astana and other cities are sold different variations of flue systems and accessories.

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