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Valve for oven – a necessary attribute for your baths.

Planning to build its own steam, you have to think about every little thing.
pcac he will build the walls and roof, what sort of wood you will choose for covering the space which the stove will be installed in the steam room.
Segodnya the selection of construction equipment for baths on the market of Kazakhstan is very large. In each of the cities of the Republic, whether Almaty, Karaganda, Taraz, Astana or presents a huge assortment of products for saunas and bathhouses where everyone can buy any product at an affordable price. Lumber, stoves, cooperage, accessories for pairs are available for every taste and purse, differing only in quality and cost.
podbiraya interior for baths and outfitting of its interior space, particularly pay attention to the furnace and its main elements. 
vrdp purchase standard heater for the steam room, the important components are the chimney and damper to him.
ezultativnost functioning of the heating system in the steam room depends on various factors. But the head acts only as a thrust in the chimney. If it is correct, the room will warm up quickly, forming a high efficiency of combustion for minor fuel consumption. While small flow of air all the factors listed above can go in the negative, and even create a reverse thrust that is bad for the furnace as a whole.
poetomu all components of the chimney needs to work properly, and the gate valve is no exception.
zadvijka chimney: definition and types.
osnovnym purpose of the flue damper or gate valve is to adjust the draft in the chimney. In the combustion process it covers some section of the flue channel, and increasing or decreasing its size, controlled by the flow of air in the chimney, and hence the thrust, and the power of the flame in the furnace.
PPO after burning it is closed so that air flows not bear the heat of the bath. But in this state, the bolt should not fully close the chimney, in order not to violate safety requirements. This element is provided for all heating devices, with the exception of models where the traction is controlled via the vent.
PPO form the gate for the bath is retractable and the throttle (turning).
pidwirny design reliable and simple, and used only horizontally. Placed mainly in the chimneys of steel or brick. Smooth plate with no gaps smoothly circulates in the right slots.
povorotnie device moves around the axis, opening or closing the channel of the chimney. If you can not use a sliding valve.
PPO materials, distinguish between cast iron and stainless steel valves.

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