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Tank for a bath – a meaningful unit for the chimney.

Today is the day to meet the bathhouse without a chimney can often enough. But it will not have special charm, characteristic of the wood paired with a neat stove and a large chimney.
pervomaiskoi task of any chimney is the effective output of products of combustion and gases into the atmosphere.
painim an additional element to any chimney are water tanks in the bath. They are divided into tanks to go, mounted and fixed on the main tube.  Each has its own strengths, suitable for a steam.
PBAC in bath, built-in heating device is located so that the lower part of the pot housed in the most heated part of the stove, or rather upstairs. It turns out that the bottom communicates directly with the fire of the stove. Water from the tank is typed in directly or through the valve.
craine convenient thing in the bath room – remote reservoirs (tanks). They put even in the washing room, because they don't need at the appointed place. Given the laws of physics, cool water goes to the heat exchanger, and the heated water will rise ago. Tank, distributed on the tube, is the best way in the case when the water needs to be heated to the desired temperature. This is the tube leading out the smoke from the stove, and the temperature reached up to five hundred degrees.
podobnie tanks are usually large, because the area of the heat pipe is high, but she warms up quickly.
drugim by a significant advantage in this arrangement is that the smoke will not flow away through cracks in the pipe, because the tank is a great guard.
NIN Kazakhstan, you can buy any chimney water tank, depending on what your device needs a steam room. In the specialized shops of Almaty, Shymkent, Karaganda, Astana presents an excellent water tanks at an affordable price.

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