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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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0 1 days

Advantage of cooperation:

  1. You will receive full information support at all stages of creation and management of the business.
  2. Depending on your status, You are entitled to purchase our products at a significant discount.
  3. Individual system of supply of goods - consistent, convenient and optimal.

Favorable conditions for You, our partners:

  1. Dealer discount is the opportunity to earn money. Our dealers can count on a personal bonuses. For large dealers, we offer special discount system. We are prepared to give savings (thanks to You, our dealers) money in the form of a bonus or additional discounts.
  2. Flexible payment schemes - You choose the most convenient payment procedure.
  3. A wide range of timber and accessories (linings, block-house, glass and wood door, wood stove, all kinds of components, various accessories, etc.) - it`s a chance to meet the diverse needs of Your customers, saving time and money for search of components from different suppliers.
  4. Shipment in shortest possible agreed time - the key to Your peace of mind and confidence.
  5. Product quality company "Pinocchio" offers an extended warranty on all products.
  6. Training for Your staff - You have the opportunity to increase the skill level and professionalism of Your staff. Well-trained staff capable of performing more complex production tasks. Ultimately, this will positively influence the profits of Your company.

The requirements to the partners and terms of cooperation:

  1. To be registered as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.
  2. If the settlement account for carrying out cashless payments.
  3. The presence of a shopping area for exhibiting products.
  4. The possibility of the sale of goods to individuals and organizations.
  5. Financial opportunities for potential growth of Your organization.
  6. Constant maintenance of the minimum level of purchases to maintain Dealer status.

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