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Playground for children

Modern parents often wonder how to motivate your child to spend more time on the street. Not so long ago the yards were filled with children invented their own fun, using all the means at hand. Active outdoor play promotes normal physical development, but with the proliferation of computers and mobile gadgets to communicate that the child is becoming increasingly difficult. Virtual world captures the attention completely, and get away from new games, sometimes almost impossible.

the Answer is actually very simple, you need to on the street, children were much more interesting than at home. And this can help in children's playgrounds made of wood. This material is considered the most safe, provided proper construction and processing.

online store “Pinocchio and" offers a choice of versatile and multi-functional complexes at affordable prices that will give Your child as an opportunity to physically and mentally develop, and fascinating pastime. On the grounds you can have fun both alone and with a group of friends, and by connecting the imagination, some descents on the roller coaster it is just not limited.

the Child will forget about phones and tablets, because real life isn't less interesting!

How to choose a children's Playground?

Before you buy children's playgrounds, you should pay attention to some very important points that will help you make the right choice:

  • the strength of the frame — of what parts made wooden playgrounds, depends on how robust is the design and how long it will last;
  • Quality material — some manufacturers, you can find children's playgrounds in Almaty, wood varieties, and therefore with numerous cracks and even rotten knots. In “Pinocchio and To" ensure a high quality of wood;
  • Quality sanding — on the tree should not be raised pile of splinters, because otherwise this site will be unsafe for children;
  • Height and length of the descent — if you look at the pictures, it may seem that almost all of the game wooden platforms of the same size. But they are different and therefore you should take a responsible approach to the choice — on the one hand a high and long hill is much more interesting for the child, on the other — you can buy a short slide, placed at a great height, and then the descent will be too steep and traumatic;
  • Material production slides — for the streets and for interiors it must be different, because many of the materials heated from the sun and exposed to weather conditions;
  • Impregnation of wood — as an antiseptic, and special compositions.

In most cases, the playgrounds can be installed just on the lawn, to a visually smooth surface. Also there are models that are suitable for uneven surface, but before installing them it is best to consult with a specialist.

If You plan to use playgrounds with wood on private property, it is possible to do without concrete, as due to the weight of the child and with a corresponding desire will not be able to move the court, or to overturn it.

In the directory “Pinocchio and" You will be able to find baby wooden platforms for plots of different sizes. They will give Your children a lot of fun hanging out, and adults can be confident in the safety of the child and the benefit of his health.

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