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What could be better than a relaxing massage in the sauna? He not only kneads the body, but also enriches the skin, removes dead skin cells. To achieve maximum effect from the procedure it is necessary to buy the goods for the massage. It is specially developed oils enhance the effects and have a therapeutic effect.

What is a massage goods?

In our online store you can easily buy all for massage. We offer:

  • cosmetic oil. Funds are available in different flavours, mostly fruit. They allow you to release tension, relax the nervous system. There are therapeutic oils that help cleanse the bronchial tubes. Massage oils that you can buy in our online shop are not just used for sauna or baths;
  • stones for massage. Basalt stones have a beneficial effect on the immune system, improves the endocrine processes.

To maximize the effect of the procedure,note the massage supplies that you can buy on our website.

Features of cosmetic massage oils

Cosmetic oils for the massage, you need to use extreme caution, because they can have strong effects on the body. It is therefore important to test the response to stimulation and then to use the oil.

note that each essential oil has its own features:

  • grape seed oil is easy to get rid of cellulite to return to its former elasticity of the skin and restore the tone;
  • almond oil makes the skin velvety. Also it can help you flush toxins;
  • the juniper oil and sandalwood oil cleanses the body of toxins;
  • lavender oil with rose oil will help to restore aging skin.

Increases the effect of each drug high temperature and active massage movement.

stones for massage

stone therapy is very popular recently. After all, natural basalt stones,

  • relieve stress and help you relax;
  • increase productivity and improve metabolism;
  • help improve blood circulation, cleansing of the skin;
  • enhance the immune system;
  • relieve the pain and relieve stress.

Before you choose stones for massage, it is necessary to define some criteria:

  • rock. It is best to use stones of ore rocks. They allow much longer to keep warm. But the stones from the quartz rocks cool quickly, so the skin they are somewhat dramatic;
  • the surface. This point affects the purpose of the massage. If you buy a mineral abrasive surface, it is possible to achieve the effect of brush-great for cleansing the skin. But the smooth rocks are great for relaxing treatments;
  • form. For the spine you should choose gemstones oval shaped, and the sacrum will suit triangular and minerals;
  • color. Black stones are basalt volcanic origin. White stones are made from marble. You can choose any option, taking into account personal needs.

But keep in mind that these massages are extremely recommended for pregnant women, people with deep vein thrombosis, spinal cord injuries. For diabetics it is better to avoid massages with stones.

Massage supplies with us!

we can buy the oil for massage or stones at affordable prices. Also on our website you have the opportunity to buy universal plastic massager that will help to make the massage enjoyable and as useful as possible. Large selection allows you to choose the ideal products. Store consultants are always ready to go to a meeting, answer any questions and help place your order quickly. Item can be picked up or arrange delivery anywhere in the country.

Visit us and enjoy bath procedures with quality essential oils, have not only fun, but also enrich the body with beneficial minerals!

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