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Door catalog – one of the key elements of each pair.

When building a steam room, the high value placed on the door. Their assortment in Kazakhstan is so varied that even the most picky and selective shoppers will find everything here to your liking. The price of such doors depend on the materials and the manufacturer. The average cost door installations for bath buildings in Almaty, Karaganda or Astana is  - 25000 tenge. This rate more suitable for ordinary deaf paintings, glazed and combined mechanisms are more expensive.
vrdp purchase door mechanism for a sauna every person understands that ordinary door in this case will not work, because the bath has an unusual climate, and the demand for them matches. 
pderi for the bath: basic concepts.
imeetsya a list of rules that the bath door mechanisms must meet. Also should include safety.  
klyuchevye conditions for door to the bath is:
sposobnosti to retain heat.
To create a good seal in the door, the box need to be set correctly.
pderi for the bathhouse needs to endure moisture content and temperature.
skrytye leaf for doors in enclosed buildings constructed in height, which equals five feet above the floor where the gap needed for ventilation. But if in the steam room or sauna ventilation system is provided, the period of micd floor and painting is not required.
optimalna the size of the door in height in a steam room is a maximum of 180 cm, with a width from 60 cm to 75 cm.
Technika security
NIN such areas may only open the outer doors to the case of risk it was possible to leave it without any difficulties.
pdvera box and the canvas should not to burn my hands in contact with him, so all locks and handles are better to build with wood.
To the best security window canvas doors it is better to make so that it led to the steam room.
pluba bath involves more than one room, namely a few. Dressing room, a room where you can undress to have a wash and a steam room. Therefore, and doors set at least two, input and internal.
 Doors to the sauna and steam production material can be made of wood, glass and combined version.
soorujeniya are made of wood boards, treated subsequently clapboard.
material for such products usually meets the requirements to it requirements. Door for traditional Russian bathhouse is  made of solid wood, and sometimes their pitch with scenic carving. The best wood used for these structures, a lime tree, cedar, oak, aspen, abachi.
Segodnya door glass are very popular. There was an opinion that the door to the sauna is made exclusively of glass, and for the Russian pair is only used solid wood. It is not, because modern technologies allow to use glass not only for hammams and saunas, but also for ordinary steam rooms, adding in a hardened design Russian baths is a new trend.
Steklo door of a bathhouse or sauna must be non-hazardous, heat resistant, moisture resistant and easy to operate.
list of combined doors is used both glass and wood, which is very impressive looks from the outside. The frame is made of wood, is inserted a glass window. 
kombinirovannye options for baths of glass is as durable as the openings are made of wood or glass.
kupiti doors for steam rooms can be in specialized stores that sell the equipment for saunas and steam rooms.

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