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Wooden door for the bath: dimensions, types, characteristics.

Classic Russian bathhouse for more than a century constructed of wood and finished with. Many people believe that only the use of natural wood in the arrangement of the steam room can give it a unique and enchanting atmosphere.
usage of wood in the construction of the pair were widely used even by our ancestors, who believed that it is the best material for baths.
Posiva steam room clapboard roofing, or floor it is important to understand that you need to choose the wood for the bath, because it is a room with specific climatic conditions.
for of the key elements in the finish sauna or bathhouse, which was given special attention – door.
pdvera in the bath is usually set not less, and even more than two: for steam rooms and at the entrance. Sometimes to shower or wash room.
note door catalog wooden subdivided into deaf, combined (with glass inserts) and carved. For the design of such doors using lime, cedar, abash, birch, aspen and oak. Pine can be used for making doors, but not for the washing or steam room, because it is resinous.
parametry for doors in the baths and saunas like this. For example: the front door for sauna wooden have a small aperture to a maximum height of 180 cm and a width around 70 cm. 
Click the structures installed in the steam room the room dimensions are 70 to 190 cm Opening should be only external, and handle for steam, it is desirable to produce only wood, so as not to burn. For the adjacent premises is acceptable to put in the hands of metal, but only if the processing of special compounds.
note wooden devices for saunas and steam rooms are environmentally friendly, attractive, easy to use, well stand the high temperatures and humidity. They also have a low thermal conductivity, excellent keeping warm in the steam room.
kupiti wooden structures for baths and saunas in Kazakhstan by companies, suppliers or specialized warehouses that implement wood products. The average price for doors made of wood for a couple of premises in Almaty is 25 000-30 000 tenge. In Astana the prices are identical.


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