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Cost : 27 500 Tenge
  • The thickness of the glass: 6 мм
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    Cost : 29 700 Tenge
  • Glass: Бронзовые
  • Handle material: Дерево
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    glass Doors for the bath: safe, reliable, aesthetically pleasing.

    Many people do not own a house without a good solid steam. The bath was a favorite place of rest and recuperation at all times, and today has not lost its relevance.
    pondy build on their country plots of classic Russian bathhouse, others more to the liking of the Finnish sauna, but both are suited to the construction and arrangement of steam very seriously.
    Bolshoe importance is given not only to construction works on the construction of the steam room, but its internal arrangement.
    NIN the bath interiors use a variety of styles, whether high-tech or Oriental style, ennobling its extraordinary elements in the lighting or the heating.
    Segodnya one of the most fashionable and popular trends for the mismatched pair became as glass doors for the bath. This is a great modern option for those who keep pace with time, because the glazed designs for baths are not only beautiful and functional but durable.
    steklyannye doors for saunas and baths: types and features.
    note the glass device for the paired areas are manufactured using different methods of tempering and processing technology of glass, so they perfectly meet all safety requirements in the steam room. These doors are solid and opaque with different shades (e.g. grey, bronze, white). They come with decorative images on glass, fusing and printing.
    Sovremennye method of fabricating a glazed door devices that allow them to be widely used not only in the saunas, but also in the baths. The glass door to the bath can be set for both adjacent rooms and the steam room.
    glavnoe to remember that choosing the door to the steam room glass only need to consider the impact - and heat-resistant combination of tempered glass. Doors-steam shower glass should be safe and impenetrable.
    preimushestvo glass structures is that they are resistant to moisture, deformation and do not emit tar. Their lifespan is two times higher than the wooden counterparts, however the cost is a little higher.  They are reliable, practical, comfortable and easy to care for. Visually, they look very impressive, and thanks to the glass visually expand the space.
    kupiti similar design in Kazakhstan is not the problem. In Almaty, Shymkent, Astana and other cities of the country.  they are presented in specialized warehouses, shops, markets, or on the company websites of manufacturers or suppliers.
    sredniaia the price of glass doors for steam rooms: 20 000-30 000 tenge.

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