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Varnishes, impregnation, fasteners


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Wood – one of the most popular materials in construction. It is used to produce furniture, do saunas, houses, used as a structural element of many buildings.

To the products made of this material lasts as long as possible, you should not neglect careful care. You need to regularly apply various tools tree care – such as varnishes, help to preserve the appearance and protect from negative environmental factors.

the Main risk factors for the wood:

  • excessive moisture;
  • the
  • ultraviolet radiation;
  • the fire; the

  • pests.

These wooden buildings as the baths and saunas, particularly vulnerable to the negative influence of surrounding conditions.

Using high-quality lacquers for wood and impregnation in the catalog “Pinocchio and”, You can greatly extend the lifetime of structural elements, emphasize the nobility of natural shade, but you will also save money on Troubleshooting.


Guidelines for choosing varnish for wood

After application to the surface of the wood varnish should form a solid film which acts as a protective barrier. To pick up the lacquer that helps protect the inner surface of the bath, be guided by the following parameters:

  • the abrasion Resistance.

depending on the load level, selected lacquers for wood of different wear resistance. In our catalog You will find the money for floors, benches and other surfaces.

  • Smell.

If you plan to conduct the exterior work, the smell is not worth to pay close attention. As for interior, it is best to choose a lucky odourless water-based.

  • Fire safety.

Because in the bath there is risk of fire, manufacturers have released antiseptic flame retardant warning fire risk.

  • Component composition.

Impregnation for wood are mainly composed of one or two components.

the Surface on which was applied a one-component composition, is covered with a film through evaporation of the solvent and drying the residue.

the Principle of operation of a two-component composition is the chemical interaction of a solvent and a hardener, resulting in a denser film.


range of the company “Pinocchio and”

We sell only quality products from the best manufacturers, including Krasula, Nortex, Pirilax and others.

advantages of use for wood impregnation and protective compounds listed brands:

  1. Reduced the degree of cracking of the material. Regardless of the type of wood, density, moisture of the premises and conditions of operation, the number of cracks is reduced to 80%.
  2. the
  3. Protective equipment do not allow to multiply and function of malicious insects, particularly the beetle-woodworm, which eats wood.
  4. the
  5. a Series of varnishes for wood is well suited for the treatment of saunas and baths, with high temperature and humidity levels.
  6. the
  7. After the surface treatment of these funds, they can be applied to almost any paint materials. The composition of the products ensures good adhesion with the surface.

We provide excellent service, delivery all over Kazakhstan, the constant availability of goods in store and in warehouses.

each client has the opportunity to reserve certain products or to pay it partially. Payment is accepted in cash or on a cashless basis.

here You can buy goods for baths and saunas. Affordable prices, a loyalty program for regular customers, skilled managers – this is not a complete list of benefits that You get by contacting us.

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