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Paint for baths is the types and requirements.

Painting of a sweating room-a serious process, requiring a responsible approach to it. How a true man paints a room, how well the paint will become and whether the staining procedure correctly observe, depends on the durability of the bath and its appeal.
PPO method of dyeing all colors are divided into professional and construction – household types.
PPO dye solution are:
akrilovye paint on a watery basis. They are ideal to protect the wood from high temperatures and external conditions.
maslenista color formulations. Suitable for interior surfaces, pairs of premises.
emalirovanaya resin. They are transferred to a pre-plastered plane.
alkidnye compositions. Have a tendency to fade and become not attractive.
silikatnyi. An excellent option for baths of brick. They are composed of liquid glass.
prasca with water-emulsion paint. Used for washing the offices.
note paint for steam rooms must meet the following queries:
ashita from influences like the outside of the building and inside it (moisture, sun, temperature).
prodlenie working life span of your wood.
pateticheskaya the attractiveness of the surface.
kupiti paint for a couple in Kazakhstan in specialized stores. The average price of bath paint in Almaty is 2000 tenge. In Astana and other cities of the country their cost is about the same.

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