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Lucky for the pair – reliable protection of wood against mildew, moisture and insects.

Finish the steam room made of natural wood contributes to maximum relaxation of the person in the bath. Steam from wood looks attractive, has a mesmerizing aroma and brings significant health benefits.
but under the influence of moisture, fungus, and temperatures, wood can deteriorate and lose their original appeal. To protect its aesthetic and performance qualities from all of the above problems, use of special varnishes, designed specifically for saunas and bathhouses.
pageno to understand that ordinary wood varnish to the bath is not suitable because it will not withstand the aggressive humidity and high temperature. By purchasing a simple nail of the steam room, you not only protect your sauna from harmful factors, but also cause significant damage to health due to the release of toxins.
PPO type classification of coatings are: 
To the front finish of the building (bath house framing).
Click the internal elements of the steam room (benches, walls, ceilings)
on the walls, shelves and benches it is best to apply the compositions, which contains wax. For ceiling and lining is used inside the steam room acrylic vodorastvorimie liquid.
aruzhnoe coating steps, porch and shared bath log cabin structure is made of urea-alkyd varnishes.
Peggy lacquer on wood, regardless of where its use meets the spectrum of rules:
aturalnosti. The main thing – it's the lack of harmful substances in the bath formulations, can cause harm to human health.
USTOIChIVOSTI to moisture. In the steam room is always wet and release water vapor, so it is important that the varnish is not washed out.
umenie to withstand temperature changes. The varnish must not lose its properties in an aggressive environment and a steam room.
USTOIChIVOSTI to contamination. Any paint must have a dirt-repellent characteristics to the ceilings and walls of the bath will not become contaminated.
proteobacterial properties. In damp buildings, mold and mildew reproduce quickly, standing does not allow it.
prozrachnosti. To preserve the natural colour of wood is best to choose an invisible compositions.
NIN Kazakhstan varnishes for wood in the steam room can be bought in specialised retail outlets or ordered through the online store. In Almaty the approximate cost is about 3000 tenge. In Astana and other cities of the country prices are identical.

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