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Stones for the sauna and steam room: basic characteristics.

the Main advantage of any bathhouse – light steam. To obtain good quality pair need to choose the right stones for the bath of the furnace.
steam room there are special stones performance which allow their use in saunas or baths. Ordinary river stones for a pair of facilities are not suitable because they may crack and scatter in the parties and in the best case, damage a person. Simple stones are endowed with the same properties possessed by the stones for the baths.
Kamni for the stove to the bath – it's not just a fashion accessory, and the main key therapeutic steam support in the steam room a special microclimate and temperature.
pniti good stones for a pair of spaces in our time is not a problem, because in Kazakhstan there are many shops that sell goods for baths, among which we can buy specialized stones. All the stones for steam rooms have different prices depending on the ordered of the mineral, size of packaging and lot size. The price of one of the most popular stones for sauna rooms gabbro-diabase in Almaty is around 2000 tenge. In Astana and other cities of the country prices are about the same.
sushestvuet two categories of stones for sauna rooms: stab and diked. Have split instances of surface evaporation more, but less diked stones crack.
pcakge stones are large and small, where large rocks are used for wood-burning stoves, and small more suited for electric heaters. Small stones are also useful for Drovyanoy, because they can fill the holes between the large stones.
Kameni for heaters it is best to take a rounded shape and smooth surface, because such products circulates the air better in the room.
PC requirements to the stones for a sauna include the following:
porosa heat.
odnorodnosti, density, strength.
decoratively and factionalism.
umenie to withstand the cyclical variable temperature.
USTOIChIVOSTI to aggressive environment (herbs, extracts, oils).

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