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Stone for furnaces

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Stones for stoves

Bath or sauna - complex structure, which requires compliance with all process guidelines. In this issue, special attention should be paid to the stones for ovens, because they are responsible for heat and how long the room will be maintained at the necessary temperature. They should be selected extremely carefully. Stones for stoves have to accumulate heat, and then to give it away. Minerals should not crack at high temperatures and in contact with hot or cold water. So choose to be dense, homogeneous rocks, preferably of different sizes to lay down large and small up.

What are the stones for sauna?

on the market Today, you can find a large amount of minerals which are suitable for use in steam rooms. The first thing you need to remember that the perfect stone for a furnace in the bath – smooth and rounded with an equal coefficient of expansion in all directions. The stones must be natural and environmentally friendly. Therefore, the choice should give preference to natural materials.

Most popular stones for sauna:

  • Your. This stone has a beneficial effect on the overall immunity of the person. He has high conductivity. Despite its lightness, the stone is durable. It is used for lining of furnaces in the bath. The use of this material allows to obtain a soft vapor, which in the future has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the human body;
  • Jadeite. This stone occupies a leading position on the market of products for steam rooms. And such popularity has a number of reasons. First the natural origin of the stone, which is formed during magmatic influence. Jadeite durable, safe, resistant withstands high temperature variations. Inhaling the fumes of this stone, it is possible to normalize blood pressure, and ease stress;
  • Gabbro-diabase. The stone has a granular structure, with stable and dense. He has a low degree of water absorption, so the couple goes out a lot;
  • Quartzite. The stones for the baths are characterized by durability, reliability and fire resistance. A beautiful crimson color will be a perfect decoration of baths or saunas;
  • Porphyrite. A natural mineral, with a headache, can remove even terrible migraine headaches;
  • Jade. He has a very solid structure, which may slightly resemble a crystalline felt. Stone copes with temperature changes. But the price is quite high. To save money, you can buy broken stone;
  • Chromite. This stone is industrial chrome. But it must be remembered that the green stones quickly fall apart in the oven, so the choice it is better to prefer stones with metallic Shine;
  • Dunit. Stone refers to rock formations, which are of plutonic origin. In simple words, the rock formed at great depths where high temperatures and constant pressure. So for baths and saunas this mineral is almost perfect;
  • Jasper. Stone has hidden a crystalline structure that is responsible for a high level of heat resistance. Some experts say that the stone has medicinal properties, but so far it has not been proven.

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