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Barrel with herbs-effective alternative to conventional bath.

About the healing properties of the bath have been known to people since ancient times. In the steam room not only dirt from the body wash, but health is improving because use when paired procedures, medical fees and herbs. Considering all the healing properties of ordinary baths, has invented unprecedented healing tool for the body – barrel.
mnogie expensive SPA salons, resorts, fitness clubs and recreation centers in Kazakhstan offer such a service to its visitors, as it benefits no less than real steam, and the operation is much easier. In Almaty, Shymkent, Astana, Karaganda and other cities of the Republic in beauty salons or SPA centers there is even such a service as a gift certificate for use interview. The cost of this certificate varies from 5000 to 10 000 tenge per session. 
mnogie visiting such a procedure once in the city, decide to buy a barrel for home use. Their prices start from 150 000 tenge per unit.
chelovek can install it in a house or apartment, and she will replace him in the steam room, but some people acquire it for a bath room.
fitobochka for the bath is usually installed in the break room, and the person taking it together with a pair of procedures is doubly enhances health benefits from visiting the baths. Sometimes it is also called a phytosauna.
chastichno the name of the design was due to the similarity with simple wooden barrel and key prefix "fito" indicates used herbs for healing the body.
prostymi words, this is a miniature bath with seat, two doors and a hole for the head, intended for one person.
par it is saturated with special aromatic oils and herbs, and the phyto barrels are made of natural wood. For their production there are different species of trees, but mostly used the Siberian cedar, as this unique tree has amazing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
psuty procedures in that a person sits inside the structure, the outside (neck wrapped with a towel so that the steam did not come out), and door barrels covered. Steam is supplied through the steam generator, and the therapeutic effect is due to the use of herbal. Duration of procedure not more than 15 minutes, but it can be carried out several times. Temperature fitover can be controlled. After the procedure, you need to roll up in a blanket, drinking herbal tea and relax a bit.
pagodas within this barrel of a man, enveloped in steam treatment, the blood flow increases, the vessels dilate, and the sweat stands out. In the end, stimulates the excretory system, and go out of body toxins, saturating it with nutrients.

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