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<H2>Font – a practical invention for arranging your steam bath.H2>

Fashion in the Russian steam room will never go away. The effectiveness of bath procedures is infinitely much to tell, but we must remember that the main precondition for proper recovery in the steam room is it right the visit. Every person entering the bath, there should not only carefully steamed, but then plunge in cool water to create the temperature contrast.

Similar temperature swings beneficial effect on the body, helping to restore the metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

so after taking the pair to plunge into the cold water, it is desirable that near the bathhouse was a river or a pool.

This opportunity is not always the case, but there is an excellent alternative in these situations –font for a bath.

Range of fonts for doubles in Kazakhstan very large. In specialized retail outletsAstana, Karaganda, Shymkent, Almaty such devices can be buy for every taste and budget. Their price depends on the size of font and material. Some people prefer to make the font for the steam room with his own hands, believing that their cost in the shop is too high. This activity is complex and demanding and requires certain skills.

<H3>Font for sauna and steam: designation and classification.H3>

Traditional bath font are the big barrels of different shapes, made of metal, wood or plastic. They typically include various additional elements, steps, ladders, benches, hydro-massage. Modern models have special sensors to monitor the level of water and means of heating.

Classified any font in shape, size and material of manufacture. Size paired fonts are large enough that can accommodate several people, and on the contrary small is designed for one person bathing. Form they are usually round, oval, square or angled, and as the material used is plastic, wood, concrete or metal.

the Most effective and common for the bath is wooden baptismal font because different beneficial substances, including essential oils of wood fall into the water, filling the body with energy. The skin absorbs it, gaining a therapeutic effect, and the temperature contrast characteristic of fonts improves the overall condition of orgasm, tightens the skin, removing all toxins.

as the most popular wood species for the manufacture of fonts used cedar, larch and oak.

cedar font the most common variant in the bath. Cedar-wood is not only very attractive but also useful. Volatile, existing, strengthen the immune system and cleanse the skin of toxins.

Larch is not the first year is used for the production of fonts, because this material is presentable, durable, reliable, practical and not prone processes of decay. Due to its healing properties of wood improves the General tone of the body, and calms the nervous system.

the Oak is famous for its excellent regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. Taking bath in an oak tub, the wounds will heal faster, your metabolism will improve, and normal sleep.

Also the font for the bath areas are made of beech, birch and pine.

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