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<p><span style="font-family:verdana,geneva,sans-serif;">varieties of baths in our time are many, and arriving in a particular country, you can see a steam room in a very different form than people used to imagine.<br />
Pretty unusual look paired the Japanese. There is only Japanese bath barrel made of wood with a daybed in the corner. It looks more like a tub than a bath.<br />
Japanese bath can be of three kinds: furaco, Sento, and ofuro. Sento is a public steam bath, designed for a hundred people and the first two baths &ndash; is a small private steam rooms, which allowed only one or two visitors.<br />
Bath for the Japanese &ndash; it is a sacred action consisting of several stages. The person is not submerged in the bath without taking a bath beforehand. After that it presents a Japanese plunge pool in which to plunge. The water in it should not exceed the level of the heart at a temperature of about 35 C.<br />
Then follows dipping in furaco where there are salt and essential oils. It is no more than 15 minutes in hot water, can reach temperatures of 50 C. Colo<br />
During this procedure relaxes the body muscles, which is very good helps to massage the head, face and shoulders.<br />
The next stage &ndash; ofuro filled with sawdust dried basswood or cedar. They are mixed with herbs or oils, they are well-absorbed and gentle to the skin. This warming up lasts no more than 15 minutes. Also conduct pool with heated sea pebbles. These great stones massage the body, helping to correct her spine.<br />
Completes the bath ritual of the Japanese relaxing music with a Cup of tea in separate tea room.<br />
Japanese steam room is becoming more popular in Kazakhstan, as it has a number of healing properties. It strengthens immunity, normalizes metabolism, eliminates toxins from the body, cures rheumatism and strengthens the nervous system.<br />
In Almaty quite a lot of Japanese public baths, but some people prefer to buy such a steam room for the home. The prices are quite high, but the benefit of the body they bring significant. The average cost of a Japanese steam of one sort or another is from 800 000 tenge.</span><br />
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