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  1. Tank bn-13 for "Median"
 Tank bn-13 for "Median"

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Tank bn-13 for "Median"

Article: bak bn - 13 dlya mediani

hot water Tank bn - 12.

the Tank mounted furnace "Median" with a capacity of 12 liters is called the bn-12. The diameter of the chimney 90 mm. the Data are tanks to outboard tanks and heated water from the flue gas temperature. The walls of the chimney quickly heats the water. The period of time required for preheating of new portions of water once in the basin leaked all the hot water, is quite small. Due to the rapid rate of heating water tank of small capacity is able to satisfy demand in hot water, for example in order to wash the dishes. Also nice when the man in the field can be thoroughly washed with hot water and soap.
During the installation of the tank on the stove turn the crane to the side, not along the kiln, to reduce the load (torque) on the cooking plate and to prevent its deformation!

it is Recommended to not to flood the furnace with an empty tank, to avoid it overheating. Teflon liner ball valve can at a certain temperature just to melt. Be sure before to flood the oven, pour in tank water. And in the process of operation do not drain water below the level of the crane.

During warm-up thin metal furnace to a high temperature increases its plasticity. So if you pour the vibration of the eyeballs - it can also lead to deformation of its upper surface under the weight of gravity of the water in the tank. It is recommended to fill the tank under the lid, and 2/3. This will reduce the pressure of the mass of water on the stove.


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