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Bath — is a favorite pastime for many people, known since very old times. Today it has not lost its relevance in villages and in suburban areas, people now build a bath mandatory. In many families even have their own traditions and rituals when the house owner heats the bath at the weekend and the whole family relaxes in the steam room.

This holiday is not only pleasant but also useful. After the bath the skin becomes much cleaner than after a normal shower or bathtub, velvety and pleasant to the touch. Bath affects not only relaxing and soothing, but also helps vitality, new energy and good health. Everyone who at least once was in the bath, felt a feeling as if born again!

But what if the construction of a bath seems very complicated, long and expensive process? To build because you need to allocate a certain territory, to deal with the type of Foundation to find experts who can correctly calculate and build. And often on the site already all planned out and the bath is necessary to equip not where you want it, and there where space allows.

From this situation there is a way — mobile portable baths.

the Idea of creating mobile baths for the cottages has long been not new. Portable baths have many advantages over standard as those built at a certain place in the future, you cannot move them. However, due to insufficient development of scientific and technical base, as well as unavailability of materials previously prices on portable saunas were quite high. The wide distribution they received recently and since then very popular and very in demand.

In fact, mobile bath — is a specialized structure which consists of a conventional bath with steam of excellent quality. It is not only built on a particular place and at a special production site, is not tied to any point. This means that You can change the location of steam and move it, for example, to the river, which makes the pastime in the country is more diverse and comfortable. Mobile bath turnkey gave the opportunity to combine together as relaxing under the steam, and camping.

Buy mobile baths in Kazakhstan at affordable cost, You can in the online store “Pinocchio and”. We offer You "3 in 1": rest room, shower and steam room, without the need to plan expenditure for laying the Foundation and construction of a standard bath. The break room high quality finished clapboard pine, there You can spend time with their friends, drink tea and chat in a relaxing environment.

In the showers and the steam room facilities are also used in normal baths. That is, in fact, the main difference from the traditional steam room is mobility, which allowed to reduce the cost of the whole building.

Advantages of mobile baths

by bringing together all the advantages possessed by the portable baths, are the following:

  • lack of time and financial resources for the organization of the Foundation;
  • the speed of construction and installation;
  • no problems with debris that needs to be removed from the site after construction and installation;
  • saving of the territory;
  • opportunity to arrange a holiday in the steam in any area, regardless of weather conditions;
  • easy storage of bathroom accessories;
  • affordable price.

in addition, unlike the also popular today Hiking baths, floor shower tiled, which contributes to the comfort and feel yourself like in a traditional Russian bath.

If You purchased a cozy suburban area and equip it to Your taste, no need to set aside dreams of your own bath because of the cumbersome process of its construction and cost. Order portable steam bath in “Pinocchio and" and soon You will be able to fully relax and unwind in the steam room!

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