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Traditional wood-burning oven: features and benefits.

Companies producing equipment for years achieved a significant breakthrough in the manufacture of wood-burning furnaces. Modern furnaces working on wood – is a highly effective device with impeccable aesthetics.
kazahstanskij market offers a wide assortment of drovenik where you can choose any make and model furnace in its sole discretion.
problema only in the fact that not everyone will be able to easily answer what should be the stove on the wood and what you should pay special attention while choosing it.
pannie wood stove must have the following characteristics:
Teplova capacity of the furnace is fully consistent with the volume of a sweating room.
PPO type design distinguish open and closed the heater, where the closed longer keep the temperature down and open faster warm up the steam.
oplivnik in the heater can be remote and built-in.
NIN some models the door is made of heat-resistant glass, while others are equipped with water tank for heating.
vrdp choosing a furnace, consider the amount of stones, enclosing her, the more, the better.
idealna the model, which has a grate.
porno to pay attention to the material from which made the oven. It can be brick or stone.
pepite such furnaces it is desirable birch wood or wood of hardwoods. Coniferous wood avoid, as they secrete a resin, in the formation of soot.
pluba stove for wood burning saunas are made of brick and metal. (cast iron and stainless steel). 
NIN comparison with furnaces, metal furnace, brick is quite heavy. Their weight is about 1200 kg. Wood burning stove for saunas made of bricks not the best option, because it simply will not create the correct air condition required for the sauna with its temperature and humidity. For baths brick oven – a great option.
ptaka oven is not a bad battery heat, it is able to create a nice vapor, and easy to operate.
PU furnaces of metal of good heat dissipation, they are compact and fit perfectly into the overall design of the steam room.
stoimosti such oven is of steel or cast iron cheaper than its brick counterpart, and the small weight does not require installation of the Foundation. This model is suitable for saunas and steam rooms.
note of the heater on the wood regardless of the material of manufacture have several advantages:
deshevoe fuel
pictures to retrieve performance level
policie the possibility to choose the place for laying the logs
Paramet natural wood
Pablo exuded by the stone many times nicer than the metal.
plussie wood burning furnaces for baths: criteria and manufacturers.
sushestvuet a number of parameters, pointing to the fact that before you is a good wood burning stove you want to buy.
NCAP shall be made good by the manufacturer, and preferably of stainless steel, not cast iron. They are more resistant to burning, and the longer they keep warm. The stove must be an internal heater, which promotes the formation of a good couple.
gelatelno that the stove was manufactured in various transformations. For example: with a door and glass for a fireplace or heat exchanger. In the furnace must be supported in different microclimates: the mode of the Finnish sauna and Russian bath.
primary good ovens from manufacturers: Harvia, termofor and Teplodar.
pony represented in various modifications in specialized supermarkets of Almaty, Shymkent, Astana, Karaganda and others. Their prices depend on the personal characteristics of the instrument.

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