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Foil (50, 80 MD)



Cost : 7 500 Tenge
  • The thickness of the insulation: 50, 80 мкр.
  • Width: 120 см.
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    Foil for baths – an important component of insulation.

    the Primary purpose of the construction of such modern designs as  entertainment centres, industrial enterprises, urban apartments and cottages, villas and wooden baths is warmth retention.
    osobenno this topic is relevant for owners of private houses and steam rooms where people strive not only to insulate, but for as long as possible to retain heat, minimizing the cost of heating.
    olshe attention is paid to the insulation of the bath rooms where the temperature needs not only to achieve high marks, but also to persist for some time.
    To do this, the walls and ceiling insulate well, heat fluxes blocking any exits outside the steam room.
    samim relevant for the insulation material is aluminum foil for baths. It is affordable and simple coating keeps the heat inside the pair of the room, preventing quick cooling of the structure. Consumption decreases, and in the bath present a comfortable environment.
    proliga for sauna or steam rooms is a thin layer of aluminum (approximately 30 – 300 µm) combined or used in its original form. It usually combines with glass fiber, Kraft paper or rolled insulation.
    dostoinstva material.
    pdenny material has the following characteristics:
    aluminievye materials do not emit harmful to human health allocation.
    PNU deformation even under the highest temperatures.
    condensed moisture on the walls is missing.
    PPAR of the bath does not go, and does not accumulate in the insulation, increasing the duration of its operation.
    dolgi service life of the insulating material without any extra monetary investment, because it prevents the destruction or wetting the walls of the steam room.
    polge from aluminium has a unique combination of the properties of reflection, when the mirror surface reflects heat inward to the bath.
    pbez aluminum foil percentage of heat radiated from the walls is equal to 70, and with it 95. The time of heating the building is reduced by 20 percent, cooling-off period significantly increases.
    usage of the material of the foil significantly increase the heat treatments in the period of the melting bath, which saves time, energy and money for owners of saunas and baths.
    Monterey insulating plates on the walls, the foil is placed on top of them. In the absence of the insulation layer of the Assembly is carried out on the log walls of a steam room.
    PVO the time of installation be sure to leave an air gap between the wall and foil. Strips are overlapped to 20 cm, secured with aluminum tape.
    NIN Kazakhstan, you can buy aluminum foil in any show-room construction materials.
    sredniaia the price of a roll of aluminum foil in Almaty, Taraz, Karaganda, Astana and other cities of the country is – 8000 tenge.

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