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Lamps for a bath will decorate and illuminate your room.

the pair are no trifles. When the main stages of construction baths along with a finish over don't forget to consider lighting. The times when people did not know about electricity and were forced to bathe before nightfall long gone.
Segodnya to put the light in the bath room and must.
pbez the right lighting bath would be complete a project, even if you build it using cutting-edge technologies.
kazahstanskij the market is offering different lighting for steam every taste and color. Walk into any store bath utensils in Almaty, Karaganda or Astana people will see a lot of lighting, which the sellers will immediately offer to buy him.
pride than to buy them got – what to know about them, and what are all bulbs. Such information will certainly be useful to every attendant.
strand of the key qualities which should have all the fixtures for baths and saunas: they must be safe, economical, not to pass air, not deformed from moisture and heat stable.
parylene room – the place is very warm and wet, so protection of sockets and switches is equal to IP 44. For light bulbs 54 IP.
Peggy competent attendant realizes that the socket and lamps are categorically not put in most steam and the washing compartment. For associated with them the areas they are only permitted at 80 cm from the floor.
plumie lights for steam room it is desirable to install in a wooden lampshades. This fashionable piece designed specifically for the lamp, allows you to mute a too-bright light, creating a cozy atmosphere in the building. Lamp shades made of wood are the corner and wall.
svetilniki for sauna and steam room: types.
NIN the world there are 3 main types of lighting fixtures for the bath rooms.
Classica. Their basis is the ordinary light intensity, where the shell is constructed of material resistant to corrosion and rust. Each such device is equipped with lining that protects the ceiling from damp and moisture, preserving the integrity of the product. This versatile tool for light, the cost of which is much cheaper than its more sophisticated counterparts.
populyarno led. Impressive and flexible product that can withstand the heat to 200C, with a bright light effect from the LEDs.
podobnie the devices are placed in pools, Jacuzzis, along the walls of the baths and under the shelves. People with intricate imagination can create impressive starry sky in the sauna with this lighting.
halogenowe elements for lighting – great for the pair separation, as they are able to withstand temperatures up to 400 C.
psyclon which they are equipped, allows to exclude the ability to accidentally touch a hot lamp. Amulet of the device also protects it from water. Halogen lamps create a relaxed atmosphere in the bath at a power of 25 – 30 watt.
PNA today in selling a huge assortment of lamps to pair, the price of which depends on their design and method to emit a light stream.
kupiti them in special shops dealing with devices for the light.

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