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Himalayan pink salt - a miracle product from the top of the Himalayas.

Common salt which we buy in stores is a key element for each dish in cooking. Without her  any meal will be incomplete, even dessert. Any confectioner or cook will convince you that it is the cornerstone of our diet.
pona is always used when cooking, and is already used in ready meals at the table. 
pbla salt-delicious, healthy and necessary for our body, but few people know that she had a wonderful counterpart constituting her compete.
list some of the largest shops of Kazakhstan is represented by the salt pink. Her real name of pink Himalayan salt. It really is mined at the foot of the Himalayan ranges, and in contrast to conventional salt contains in its structure two, and 92 of valuable mineral. This is a unique product which is a source of potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and other important for the body connections.
psvoa unusual pink color it has acquired due to its high content of iron. Salt from the Himalayas – this is a valuable chemical compound, created by nature itself.
Peyia rich mineral composition - a real treasure for the human body because it is one hundred percent absorbed them at the cellular level. Regular use of this salt nourishes the body with all necessary micronutrients and minerals. 
pona is very useful for health and can be used  in the following cases:
Gigiena mouth. Helps to cope with a toothache, pull the pus from the oral cavity, eliminates bad smell and prevents bleeding gums.
protiv skin diseases. Used for the treatment of acne and acne, pulling all the toxins from the skin, clearing it.
prevention of respiratory diseases. Experts have proved that its crystals contribute to the fight against virus, strengthening the immune system.
perovye inhalation with the addition of pink salt help to cope with rhinitis, sinusitis and coughing.
eplye baths it is recommended to people suffering from pain in the joints.
pageplay wounds. Salt crystals soaked in water, treated scrapes and wounds for quick healing.
himalaica salt is used in different areas: in cooking, cosmetology, construction of baths and saunas. She has the unique ability to ionize the air, obezzarajivatei it. In the baths it is often poured into a common bowl, and warming up it is ionized, rendering a therapeutic effect on the body. When added to food, it gives the dish not only the flavor, but also helps food to be better absorbed.
list of cosmetic with its help carry out various scrubs, salt baths and massage. The cost of these procedures is not so high, and the effect for the body is amazing.
pcakge it is used as a decorative element for saunas, where its panels and blocks off the interior of the steam room. It is used to create decorative panels on the floor and walls of the sauna. It is used to produce salt lamps that can be installed anywhere: at home, at the cottage, in the office, in a Spa-salon.
produkciju of Himalayan salt you can buy in specialized shops selling goods for baths or products for recovery.
price: common edible pink salt in Almaty is around 800 tenge, salt lamps cost about 8000 – 9000  tenge, and the products of salt for construction (blocks, bricks, crystals) sold for 1000 or 2000 tenge per unit.
NIN Astana and other cities of the country the products of pink salt is also.

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