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Himalayan bath salt


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Natural cures for saunas and baths

With the help of steam baths and saunas, many are just trying to relax or spend bathing. For some people is the need to strengthen the health and well-being. To increase the effect by using special salts and stones. Among the most popular and in-demand minerals used in the products - Himalayan salt for the bath. Under high temperatures stand out salt ions, in fact they treat and rejuvenate the body.

Using Himalayan salt in health improvement

Himalayan bath salt created millions of years ago and today is recognized as an environmentally friendly material. Now been using this salt in different cosmetic, anti-aging and Wellness treatments. Among the medicinal properties of Himalayan salt include:

  • the cleansing of the body;
  • maintain required salt metabolism in the body;
  • repair damaged cells;
  • rejuvenate the body;
  • stabilize the nervous condition.

Doctors are actively talking about the need to take a salt bath in the presence of such diseases:

  • Asthma. With regular visits to the steam rooms with the use of such material is possible to stop the progression of the disease and alleviate its consequences;
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Allergies or a painful rash. Evaporation of salt have a positive effect on the skin, accelerate the healing of wounds and saturate the body beneficial trace elements;
  • digestive Problems;
  • Irritation of the mouth.

This is only part of those challenges can be overcome with healing Himalayan salt. Actually them much more, and everyone can find something special for him personally. Himalayan salt, which you can buy in our store, has all the beneficial properties and characteristics, so our customers get the maximum effect from the use of the mineral.

How to use Himalayan salt in the steam rooms?

Himalayan salt saunas can be used in different ways:

  • the Construction of salt rooms. When creating a bath complex built special salt rooms where you want to go immediately after a bath. In these areas the maximum effect from the use of Himalayan salt.
  • Trim for saunas. Quite expensive, but effective. For lining suitable Himalayan salt for bath, buy which is better in crystals or in small cubes. You can also use a little Himalayan salt, which is applied by spraying.
  • Beautiful decoration of the bath. Himalayan salt baths are quite expensive, so not everyone can afford to do a full facing of walls by this mineral. But the placement of several blocks around the perimeter of the sauna will allow you to get the desired effect to decorate a room and not much to spend. A great option for decorating the walls of the bath is salt tiles or bricks of Himalayan salt. They originally fit into the interior and create a unique atmosphere.

you can Also use salt in cooking or for bathing. In any case, the effect of the use of Himalayan salt in your life will only be positive.

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