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Salt lamps for comfort and good atmosphere of your home

Salt lamps - the original product. They can be found in homes as people who are addicted to non-traditional methods of treatment, and ordinary fans of the original elements of the interior. In stores for the house they have a large amount, you can buy a lamp any shape and size. Our online store offers a wide range of devices, you will be able to receive full consultation regarding the application of the lamp. The cost of this product varies depending on design and manufacturer. We work all over Kazakhstan, we have the best prices and high quality products.

What is a salt lamp?

Because I didn't know what the point of this product as the salt lamp, it should describe in detail its characteristics. First, from the title it is clear that to the lamp base – it's salt. Inside the salt stone is mounted high frequency light. She stands on a stand, which held the switch. 
The main component-salt of the product it should be chosen very carefully. The ideal option is a mineral from the highlands. It is especially prized stone, which does not require additional processing. Supposedly, if you apply a mechanical action on the salt, it loses some of its properties. That is why salt lamps in most of the wrong form.
The action of the device takes place in such stages:
  1. the
  2. Lighting and heating lamps.
  3. the
  4. Heating the salt. 
  5. the
  6. Under the influence of high temperature of the salts negative ions are highlighted.
  7. the
  8. Uniform distribution of ions in the air.
  9. the
  10. the Blockade of positive particles emitted in the process of operation of appliances in the room.
Salt lamp can work round the clock, it will provide continuous deceleration of the ions. As a result, in a residential area improving the atmosphere.

Benefits of salt lamps

If you don't know whether to order a salt lamp in our online-shop in Almaty, it is worth examining all the pros of this product. First, you need to understand that salt highlights the natural ingredients, namely, chlorine, iodine and sodium. Secondly, the deeper the extracted mineral, the more useful salts it contains. Therefore, an important aspect you need to pay attention to when buying. Ionization of minerals has a positive effect on the human condition: the
  • the
  • has an antiseptic action, combats fungus and many viruses;
  • the
  • removes the odor in a residential area;
  • the
  • blocks electromagnetic radiation.
  • the
  • accelerates the processes of metabolism;
  • the
  • activates the thyroid gland;
  • the
  • increases the overall level of immune protection;
  • the
  • normalizes sleep;
  • the
  • has a relaxing effect, improves psychosomatic condition.
Scientific studies have shown that regular use of salt lamps helps to improve the pathological condition of patients suffering from allergies, hypothyroidism, diabetes, rheumatism, serious forms of diseases of the respiratory tract.
Any method of alternative medicine has a number of contraindications. Before you purchase a salt lamp, it's worth a consultation. This product can be dangerous for people with problems in the field of endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Also care to use them in children's rooms.
Buying the lamp, pick up her correct place. Any salt is afraid of water, so it is not worth keeping in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Otherwise, it'll just fade and deteriorate. In addition, this process leads to the loss of many useful properties. A wide variety of such lamps available in the catalogue on our website. We also offer quality things for your home comfort: materials for baths and saunas, lining, grills, garden and more. Our products will make your home cozy and healthy!
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