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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 700 Tenge
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1 7 days

Build the bath properly, step-by-step arrangement of the steam room. Comply with all the development! For a start, we have only floor tiles and walls shtukaturno. Further, we are laying beam 3*4 see wall opening 50 cm


within each ribbon are sure to insert two or three metal bars and reinforced upper layer in the middle with pieces of metal, linked among themselves by a wire. Also use bytowanie small stone. This will greatly reinforce the structure. Overall, height of the Foundation depends on the quality of the soil, which established. If it's clay or rocky ground, the height should be around 40-60 see If it's sand or another type of soil, the Foundation should be higher (60-80 cm). It is desirable that the Foundation has performed over the surface to 15-20 cm, and if the cap is not provided, it can be higher (up to 60 cm).


If you decided to make the base, you should lay on the Foundation of the roofing material (two or three layers) for reliable waterproofing on top and also pour concrete on the same technology, budowaniem small stone. The ground-level apertures for ventilation which are necessary for airing of the boards. In the absence of the cap these holes do under the floor, in the basement. Will be very useful to coat bottom rails of machine oil (recommend the use of used oil), this will protect them from odors and prevent rotting. Therefore, your bath will be a truly durable and will be able to delight more than one generation. 

crawl space

Next make the deck, baths. Recommended to run it out of clay, as it will not peel from the Foundation and will last much longer than concrete. Clay width of pavement should be approximately 120-150 cm on Top of the clay fill gravel or small stone, with a width of about 10 cm Stone will protect the clay from water washout.

Now was possible and a new alternative solution. Instead of a traditional Foundation install screw piles, which have many advantages. It's fast enough, comfortable and suitable for any type of soil.

How to make a drain in the steam room

drain dig a deep square pit, about 1.5 m deep and about the size of 180х180 see the walls of the pit is filled with concrete with the use of reinforced metal and bootovania small stone. The wall thickness should be about 20-25 cm Hole cover boards, in the middle of performing a water trap, and the rest of the area is reinforced with different metal pieces and wire. After that fill the entire surface and in the shutter make the thickness of the concrete at least 20 cm, and in the direction of the Foundation of the raise to the edge. This water trap under the floor to create a comfortable floor temperature in the steam room and shower. Under the floor also use expanded clay for insulation.

water traps can be made from metal, tin plate with discharge pipe (plate is lowered an inch lower pipe). Then the shutter can also be filled with concrete.

once the concrete gets poured, it poured a flat rock layer at 20 cm, the slag heat-insulating cushion that had been on the street for at least a year and stack edged boards, which thickness should be 50 see floor poured with a slope to the side of the water lock. The floor boards in the bath should be plane and zavalit edges. Between the boards of the gaps left by 5 mm in order to be able to drain the water.

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