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Thermostat for Underfloor heating: characteristics and varieties.

If the arrangement of warm floors in the house or steam room you must have a thermostat, because only he can support the right person temperature. This device is able not only to control the humidity and temperature in the building, but to spend 50% less energy from heating units.
hermoregulator floor – is the device functioning on electricity, whose main objective is to maintain on the surface the required temperature. Picking some of these devices contains a sensor that regulates not only temperature but also humidity.
olee simple model with one of the sensors and handle, setting different temperatures. Upgraded models feature a LCD screen controlled by computer. On all devices the temperature varies from 10 to 40 C. Any temperature controller for floor heating is built of light-weight and durable plastic, and meets all safety requirements. Accidental enabling or disabling of the device impossible.
sushestvuet four types of thermostats for Underfloor heating
egulator mechanical. This is the most simple and viable option, the temperature of which is regulated by almost intuitively. Such models are used for small spaces where you do not have to save electricity. They put in showers, in bathrooms, on the porch.
egulator electronic.  This is a more modernized controller floor heating. The LCD screen allows you to see the exact temperature on the display.
psama acceptable temperature for feet is 25 – 27 S. the Following controller is called controlled because he self-monitors switching on / off of the apparatus, and detects the temperature at different intervals of time.
the last instance – touch thermostat designed for water floor in order to save electricity. It will copy the temperature values and working time set by the user, while these indicators will not change.
Segodnya Kazakhstan market offers various modifications of the thermostats at reasonable prices. A wide range of specialty stores, Almaty, Karaganda, Taldykorgan, Astana lets you buy them for different needs and tastes. The average cost of thermostats for Underfloor heating is from 8000 to 13 000 tenge.

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