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the Lining for a sauna: types and characteristics.

We live in a time when everything is developing so rapidly that it is difficult to keep track of all the innovations of the modern world. City on the planet transformed, and built up by filling the elegant monolithic concrete, glass and brick buildings. Famous architects and interior designers continue to claim that the most popular material on the market – still wood.
plugi since ancient times appreciated the beauty and sustainability of natural wood, creating out of it his first home, household items, jewelry, dishes and other things.
plcsim material in the construction industry for external cladding of buildings and finish inside has lining. Performance coupled with beauty and durability has made it so popular among buyers. It is a wooden Board, key features of which are grooves and ridges that allows you to sheathe the area that is free of cracks and gaps. Standard sizes: 14 to 22 mm in thickness, from 1.5 to 6 meters in length, and from 90 to 95 mm in breadth. Is applied from the balconies and kitchen room to the baths.
psvae the name derives from the word “car”, because in the old days, these wooden strips trimmed with railway train cars.
materialy wood presented on the profile type, grade and material of manufacture. The lining is made from trees belonging to the coniferous and deciduous varieties.
PC of coniferous species include pine, spruce, larch and cedar. The cost of softwood low and apply them to areas with a moderate temperature.
parnie room stone deciduous woods, because they exude resins, and by heating, does not deform. The best option for baths and saunas – the Linden or aspen. All of the above tree species not only beautify your room but also will benefit your health, as each of them has certain healing properties.
drevesina is divided into grades, determined by the number of cracks, flaws and knots in it. The fewer defects in the siding, the higher the grade. Elite grade without knots and cracks is called “extra”, a little worse – variety “A” and “”, and not the most presentable sort – “With”.
pprofile material is divided into four main types:
yevrovagonka different from its standard counterpart that has an in depth of the groove-ridge bond with the increased size of the spike is designed for ventilation and fumes.
This wooden Board, processed from all sides with connection spike – the groove is divided into a standard profile and soft-line profile.
izgotavlivaem also of pine needles and leaves and is ideal for saunas and outside areas.
“the Panel, wall paneling” has a straightforward shape that imitates timber of the tree. “Calm - lining” is absolutely smooth, without grooves.  “American” has grooves with inner sides, a stacked copy of the Board overlapping the junction between them is protected from the rain.
price: for wood and wood materials in Kazakhstan are quite reasonable, so buy them here no problem. In our wonderful capital Astana is increasingly possible to meet the buildings, lined with wood, not inferior and Almaty, where the comfort and aesthetic appeal of the city pay a special role.

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