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the Plinth of pine – a quality product at an affordable price.

Skirting – a strap covering the intermediate slit between the walls and the floor. In production there are also ceiling moldings, but they are rarely used, mainly, if required by the interior space.
plintusa vary in shape, height and material of manufacture. The most common – a relief in the form of a boot, either direct EuroBonus. Their height standard: 40, 60, 80 mm. production Material is plastic, wood or MDF. The most actively used of the plinth made of wood because they are made from environmentally friendly material and presentable in appearance. They are used for decoration parquet and laminate flooring.
izgotovlivajut of different materials, the most popular of which, skirting, solid pine. 
plintus pine can be used in steam rooms, as pine is a material that can withstand the climate in the bath. It can also be used in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and children's room.
Sosna has the following qualities:
privlekatelnosti. Spectacular Golden color and pleasant to the touch texture.
pmarca structure makes it easy to handle the material, and to manufacture various wood products.
papernya oil contained in it, fill the room with a pleasant aroma and a good influence on the upper respiratory tract.
mehanicheskaya strength and excellent heat-saving and sound insulation properties.
dolgovechnost due to the presence of resins. They are called preservatives because they provide the material with a long service life.
NIN Kazakhstan a large selection of baseboards of various orientations. At any hardware store experts tell you what kind of plinth, you should purchase a person and why.
Srednyaya cost on the plinth of pine in Astana, Karaganda, Almaty and several other cities – 300 tenge.

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