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the Lining of larch – application and characteristics.

Lining and lining of larch-a unique material that not only meets quality standards but is suitable for absolutely any room.
pona suitable for walls, ceilings, floors in country cottages and city apartments, it is possible to decorate terraces and porches, and apply for external finishing of buildings.
pilomaterialy larch is suitable for the finishing of the pair of premises.
drevesina larch – very comfortable material for the builders, because of its operating characteristics allow to apply it in various fields of construction.
DEREVO of the pine family that grows mostly in the Northern part of Russia. It is a durable wood that reaches up to 50 meters in height, with life span of about 900 years. The peak of its growth and development falls on the age period 80 to 100 years.
vagonka larch has the following advantages:
psotova about the palette contains twelve shades, from expressive Golden to yellowish color. An intricate pattern with a quirky pattern of the annual rings.
pictures to retrieve the resistance to moisture, due to the presence in the wood of tannins and natural resins.
povyshennyi strength indicator, comparable to oak, the lifetime of which reaches a hundred years.
otlichny battery heat, causing the atmosphere in the room is always comfortable, even in the cold season.
ogneupornogo larch is very high in comparison with their fellows two times higher pine. But to comply with fire safety regulations is still a must!
vagonka larch for baths will be the most profitable and durable lumber, because it copes with temperature extremes and high humidity. It can be applied to the steam offices and waiting room.
vrdp selection of panels for the decoration of a room, do not forget about the main categories of lining.
pwsa wood, including paneling larch is divided into four main classes:
extra class – visually attractive wood with perfect quality, no – or errors.
puissy class “A” does not allow visible defects, and only a small roughness and a small light knots with a diameter up to 15 mm.
predni class “In” has more errors than the two previous varieties. Slight cracks, gashes and chips to eliminate that by using a special varnish.
your last class “C” considered inferior, as it contains a large number of cracks that dropped-out knots, blue stain and used for decoration of business premises, where is not important the aesthetics of the building.
speciality recommended for interior trim of houses, apartments, baths to by the Board of higher grades, and for other cases you can buy a lumber lower class.
NIN Almaty you can buy Board extra class of larch in the region of five thousand tenge in Astana, it is estimated just over five thousand tenge.
popsie timber prices of different varieties in Kazakhstan is almost the same, the price depends on the grade of lumber and the price policy of the company. 

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