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pines Lining – versatile product for bath

the Lining is made of two main wood species – conifers and foliage trees. For tiling in the room is most often used pine floorboards, the leader of which is pine.
Sosna considered medicinal tree that is able to decontaminate the air. Various recreation facilities, such as tourist camps, camps for children, sanatoriums were built always in pine forests. This is because oxygen, oxidizing the essential oil of pine, emit azon, possessing healing properties.
Paramet pine resin positively affects the nervous and respiratory systems of the body. A decoction of the buds of pine is an excellent purifier for the blood, normalizes the respiratory system,  removes bile from the body and is a good diuretic.
drevesina pine is perfect not only for the construction of housing units of various kinds. Pine boards – one of the most acceptable and popular lumber for a couple buildings. Experts advise to use this material for vestibule and paired premises, but in any case not for a couple of rooms, because of tar. But some bathhouse attendants used pine and twin rooms. They melt furnace for active hot tar, after which the room cools, and drops removed with a scraper, and the air remains with the pine scent.
vagonka pine for the bath is a favorite material of bathers due to the presence of the following qualities:
priyatny eye a Golden color with attractive pattern, resulting from slice knots and annual growth rings.
prirodna durability, because the content of wood resin.
povyshennaya resistance to rotting and the effects of biological solids (fungus, insects).
plesko breathable and water resistant.
psiaki range and high price.
DEREVO quite soft, making it easy to install, and a person is not difficult to sheathe such a clapboard house or a sauna.
paradw with ordinary paneling in high demand lining pine, characterized by a special geometry.
pona is made of pine with all European standards and advanced technology, where every plank has its own form, connecting with each other by the tongue – in – a groove.
NIN Kazakhstan presents all types of lining: from the American to the block-house, because it is in high demand among the population than even the pine paneling.
Peyia the cost is about two thousand per square meter in shopping stores of Almaty, and a little more expensive in Astana. 
yevrovagonka is famous for its spectacular appearance and perfect quality, and you can buy it not only for bathing, but for finishing ordinary dwellings.

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