1. Paneling and mouldings

the Demand for such remarkable cladding timber, as lining, became a key argument for many citizens of Kazakhstan planning to decorate their country houses or steam rooms.
Most of them opt for wood materials, as the final finishing the bath complex, terraces, loggias and facades of their homes.
Such cladding boards, any room will look spectacular and attractive. 
Today, the sale of facing boards is carried out on almost any construction market, where any buyer can choose any material you like at a reasonable price.
The average cost of lumber is 1500 tons. per sqm in Almaty, and about 1,800 tons. per sq. m. in Astana.
Before you buy a product you need to understand the grade of material, from which depends not only on its quality and rate.
Molded products introduced to the market as impeccable extra grade, and the non-liquid sort of “”.
The most favorite and popular variety among lumber buyers is the lining of the a class. This Board is virtually devoid of flaws, where the goods, no rot, no wormholes, no blue stain, no dark spots. Lining the variety and allows for only slightly loose knots on the edges and with a diameter not exceeding 5 mm.
Another eco-friendly, practical and relatively inexpensive material for finishing works – a lining of wood. It also is divided into classes, where class lining and allow for excellent knots of defects partially or completely fused, with or without fusion with a diameter of thirty-five millimeters.

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